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  1. I do save it. But when i select to slipstream it it starts extracting to a default directory... I have the right files. I did save the SP2 so i don't have to redownload it again. And i do press SAVE and NOT RUN.
  2. I want it extracted. Ty nuhi Eddie Yes it launches automaticaly
  3. I have downloaded it but you see. When it launches it starts extracting emedietly to a directory of it's own choice. I do not need that. I want it to extract to a folder of my own choice.
  4. You see. I can't just do it. Cause the SP2 starts extractingt to Drive H:\ that isn't working properly. It loads for a bit and then stops copying the files and goes apes***... After all the nonscence my second HDD shuts down (All the files are in the second hard drive. the firs one has only 10gb space on it). So that's why i'm doing all the other stuff...
  5. I spent the whole day yesterday figuring that out Why is it so difficult? I get to the point where i have to select my service pack 2 *.exe file. I download the file from the Microsoft webpage. And since i can't extract it to i'ts default directory due to HDD problems i have to extract the *.exe using WinRAR and then make a SFX/EXE using WinRAR again. Then select the SFX/EXE with nLite and extract to the folder i want when i am asked to do that. When i finish buggering about with nLite i save my work. And when i open it again it shows me that my made Win CD still has SP1 and NOT SP2 on it I know i am a bit stupid but... Any ideas? Sorry for my bad english