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  1. I don't understand the first thing about scripted install's. the script I made was just using the script on the first page, and some common sense. some of the parameters might be incorrect. or might indeed, as you said, not co-exist.. I cant recall what exact error message I got with smartstart. something about DLL's and then the application crashes. but the problem also exist when I manually install the app. I got nero 7 working, with a working script. I'll still try some nero8 scripts later this week, keep me posted on anything you find! thanks
  2. It worked with the addlocal extentions I used. it may be possible that not all the features listed have NERO8 counterparts with the same name. you could check the \Data\Redist\Config\Conf.txt file for the correct extentions. i tested the particulair script I posted on my PC, Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with UAC disabled, and the installation worked fine, except for smartstart not running after installation. be sure to have admin rights do you have any error messages? this is the way I installed: Run setup. extract the NERO13820 dir from the %temp% directory (like stated in the post on the first page) make a "SCRIPT.CMD" file with notepad including the above scipt and paste it in the NERO13820 directory run the scipt. it should automaticly install all the components listed in the script, and execute the SetupX.exe with the set preferences. I don't really know how I got to it. I was just experimenting with NERO7 and NERO8 scripts in my virtual machine. when it eventually worked I ran the script in my VISTA environment, and it worked. except for some post-installation issues..
  3. I used the script from the first page, then slightly adjusted it it works, also customized...: @echo off title Nero echo. echo Updating DirectX 9c Redistributable... start /wait Data\Redist\DirectX\dxsetup.exe /silent echo. echo VCR... start /wait Data\Redist\VCRedistSetup.msi /passive /norestart echo. echo Nero XML... start /wait Data\Redist\neroxml.msi /passive /norestart echo. echo KB884016 v2... start /wait Data\Redist\WindowsInstaller-KB884016-v2-x86.exe /passive /norestart echo. it works without the first lines, but you do need some of the files in that part this is the part I edited: @echo off title Nero echo Installing Nero Premium 8... start /wait SetupX.exe /qb! /NORESTART ADDLOCAL="NeroBackItUpCB9D5429,NeroBurningRomBCAFF604,NeroBurnRights72CC518F,NeroStartSmartB035464E" RebootYesNo="No" NERO_SCOUT="FALSE" serialnum_userval="**SERIAL HERE***" AgreeToLicense="Yes" EULA_AGREEMENT=1 as you can see I only installed BackItUp, BurningRom, Burn Rights and SmartStart full list of avalabel features: NeroBackItUpCB9D5429 NeroBurningRomBCAFF604 NeroBurnRights72CC518F NeroCoverDesigner7CE8D626 NeroFastCDDVDBurningPluginC5AB9CFD NeroHome2FF8B816 NeroMediaHome53BEFA20 NeroPhotoSnapED1EAF52 NeroRecode6035F00C NeroShowTimeD773A6E2 NeroSoundTrax716FE146 NeroStartSmartB035464E NeroCDDVDSpeed7DFFCC12 NeroInfoTool7AB7A0CD NeroVision57D52359 NeroWaveEditorFA3A3F7B InCDC9AC4AC7 I got these from a NERO 7 installation so they might not all work to bad smartstart keeps crashing on my pc (vista ultibate x64)

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