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  1. for now i cant find my last session.ini but i know it somewere on my pc but i found my tweaks (not made by me) Tweak.reg edit : i noticed that i hear the HD working even if use the mouse middle button to scroll down and up and even when i enter folders, and when i writing!!!
  2. hello i made an nlited cd with tweaks and now when i enter this site : http://seeitworks.com/ and move my mouse over some line and it become yellow i hear my hdd writing for 1ms were the problem could be ?? edit : i noticed that i hear the HD working even if use the mouse middle button to scroll down and up and even when i enter folders, and when i writing!!!
  3. problem sloved i made a new installation cd :| i have no idea but some programs need it
  4. OK another question how can i add this jet engine and madc (or somehitng like that) to the installation wihtout making new one ??
  5. hello i made xp without jet engine but now i need without installing xp again is it possible to do this ? thank you
  6. hello i have a problem i made a great installation of Xp for my pc but i did something worng and it makes the HD work to much no matter what folder i open the pc stack for a second the hd think and than he enter the folder plz dont tell me delete every feature at once until i find my problem thank you
  7. what i need to leave so i will have conection to the internet with Router throw Ethernet cable ?? i tryed not to delete so much this but i allways delete something and i dont have connection
  8. hello i want to make a winxp cd and delete some useful stuff so what services windows xp need to connect to the internet throw router? thanks
  9. hello i have little problem with nlited sp3 windows here is the list of the files its sayd are missing cscript.mui jscript.mui l2store.dll lanPol.xsd lanv1.xsd mmc30.dll mmc30r.dll mmcexr.dll mmcfxc.dll mmcfxcr.dll msscript.mui msshamsg.dll pmh.dll scrobj.mui scrrun.mui vsscript.mui wic.dll wicext.dll wscript.mui wshext.mui wshom.mui xpnetdg.exe i can put tham on the cd but it will install this that i deleted so how can i delete tham totly ? thanks
  10. hello i maked an nlite windows XP and i deleted something that the PC cant connect even to the router (and installed all drivers) even when i do Network Connections > Crate New Connection > Connect to the internet > next and nothing happened what do i ned to do to fix this problem ? thank you guys edit : i even cant type "ipconfig" in the cmd he does not recognize the command
  11. please close i found the solution somehow after format the temp folder didnt crated or somehitng
  12. when i try to install something with installshield i have this error : and after i press ok i have this error : i closing all programs and my temp is empty (but when i type %temp% in run its says windows cant find Documents) how can i fix this ?!
  13. how can i make the windows format not to copy the files to HDD and than setup, make it setup directly from disk without copying?
  14. this is what i have : ROOT\setup\XP1(nLited) ROOT\setup\XP2(nLited) ROOT\setup\FullXP ROOT\BOOT\(cdshell) ROOT\PRO1 ROOT\PRO2 ROOT\PRO3 ROOT\PRO1.DAT ROOT\PRO2.DAT ROOT\PRO3.DAT ROOT\WIN51 ROOT\WIN51IP ROOT\WIN51IP.SP2 in all of tham i edited those 3 files \pro1.dat \pro1\setupldr.bin \pro1\txtsetup.sif the boot to any of the systems is fine i can choose were to install but when its start to format driver C its give me this error ^
  15. i have in my multiboot a full xp untouched FULL and its give me the same prob
  16. mybe its becuase i use nLited windows ? (for all 3 windowses i have ther) but when i use one of the nliteed windows whitout the multi boot every one work fine
  17. i using Virtual PC 2007 and when i use orginal cd its work fine but when i use my multiboot so its give this error
  18. i made a multiboot cd with this guide : http://flyakite.msfn.org/ all works great expect this error :
  19. From your source disk, of course. GL yes but i tryed to find adf ndis its not on soure disk how its called ?
  20. thanks dude its work but where i can get this driver didn't found in Google
  21. ooo this my problem i deleted Tcp/Ip NetBios Helper can i install it without formatting again ?
  22. i deleted and disabled some services and now i cant connect to another computer on my network what should i enable and not delete ? thanks
  23. i didn't know its so bad :| i do it manually throw task manager to games explorer.exe and so far no erros
  24. can someone give me a tweak to add to right click (when opening file) a future to open and auto set the program as high priority and right click on task bar. and make some files (*.rar...) to be opened as high priority by default and if its possible to set Explorer.exe high as default thanks

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