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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to install Windows XP on a floppyless ASUS F3Sc notebook, and of course I'm stuck on the SATA drivers problem. I've tried nLite and XPCREATE, both without success. Following the protocol, here is my XPCREATE.ini file: [XPCREATE] BOOTIMGFILE=image1.bin CDBURNER= CDERASE=NO CDLABEL=XPCREATE CDSPEED=12 CDTYPE=CD COPYSOURCE=YES DELISOS=NO DELROOT=YES DELTEMP=YES DOCABS=YES DOCD=YES DOISO=YES DOPATH=NO DOSATA=YES DOSVCPACK=YES DRIVERDIR=$OEM$\$1\DRIVERS DVDPLUS=NO EXITQUIET=NO OVERWRITEOEM=YES QLOG= RENAMEF=YES SILENTINSTALL=YES SLIPHF1=YES SLIPHF2=YES SLIPMDC=YES SLIPSPK=YES STARTSWITCH=/WAIT /MIN USERFILESCD= USERWINLANG= XPISO=XPCREATE.ISO XPSOURCE=D:\drives\winxp And here is my WINNT.sif file, put into \I386: [Unattended] TargetPath=\WINDOWS OemPreinstall=Yes OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS06\essential" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore Repartition=yes DisableDynamicUpdates=yes I get those drivers from Intel: intel82801HEMSATA They come with 2 folders, complete and essencial. I've put both into \drivers folder. complete contents are: [.] iaahci.inf iastor.sys readme.txt [..] iastor.cat license.txt SWI.xml iaahci.cat iastor.inf [PREPARE] txtsetup.oem essential contents are: [.] iaahci.cat iastor.cat iastor.sys [..] iaahci.inf iastor.inf txtsetup.oem My SATA controller, according to EVEREST: Intel® 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller The Windows XP installation says that no drivers were detected. PS: As I said, I'm just trying to install Windows XP. If there are any easier ways to do it by using a pendrive or something like that, please teach me. I don't really need an unattended installation. PS2: Sorry about my english, I'm brazilian. Thank you. Regards, Percivall

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