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  1. Anyone could tell me?? How windows files protection works?? which file stores the protect files' information?? Can I delete some informations from it then make some files unprotected?? Thanks~
  2. thanks ,@serialzs but I think you dno't understand what I mean I want to know Will it be installed automatically while I install my xp?? I check Ignore in my xp drivers install selection
  3. Could anyone tell me something how to use the boot sciptor??
  4. I want to know I add some unsigned driver to the xp cd Could it be setup automatically??
  5. I want to know I add some unsigned driver to the xp cd Could it be setup automatically??
  6. Thanks a lot I made it but I found i'd like ghost 2003 so ……
  7. Dear urie, I have used the ramdisk nt and creat the image as you said,but when I try to edit the image in some tools,they failed in reading it! What's wrong with me??Can it still boot the PC??
  8. Sorry,scankurban,I can't uderstand what you said.I think you made a mistake maybe! The easyboot ,in fact,is used to creat bootable cds,but has no such functions like creating any other images. Could you tell me your way in details??
  9. Is it a full function edition? I use a cd iso but every time I'll find the image is bigger than the total files I extract from it! I don't have a floppy disk how could I get the floppy image?? any tools??
  10. I used to use perfect disk 6 It's said to be the best but my feeling is that it reduced your bootspeed too much then I uninstall it I'm using the windows' defragmenter
  11. How could I add my Acronis True Image Server v7.0 into my multiboot cd? I used diskemu ,but it seems not to support long file name so i want to try cdshell or boot scriptor How i can do this?

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