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  1. Hello everybody! I was wondering if there is any way of displaying a timestamp in Messenger's chat window. Something like: [21:52:00] Gonik says: blah blah blah [21:52:20]AnotherUser says: some more blah blah blah anyway of doing that? thanx in advance
  2. I didn't have to do it.. The option appears only when you are not connected to the Internet. So while i was offline i opened the Messenger's main window and.. there it was. Thanx anyway Gouki!
  3. Sometime ago, i saw an option under the place your nickname appears in MSN Messenger's Main Window. This option was about to remember your login status. So, back then, i selected to always login and appear as Offline. I want to change that status now but i cannot find the option to do that (i also searched in preferences.) So is there anybody to help me with this? Thanx, Gonik
  4. i think you didn't quite understood my question I am from Greece correct.. I am using the English version of Messenger because the Greek translation of all Windows Programs are really BAD! When i press the "Launch Site" from a messenger window it displays the Greek menu (MS has given MSN localization settings so that it displays the menu language you currently live). So is there any way to change this menu back to the english language?
  5. hello ppl. I have MSN Messenger v6.1 in english version. But when i press the Launch Site button the menu is written in my local language.. Is there any way to display the english menu? TIA, gonik
  6. i know that.. this worked on v4 of WU but not in v5.. anyway, i'll just download the updates from the sticky thread i guess. thanx anyway!
  7. hello people.. I'm trying to make my first unattended WinXP CD, so I visited WindowsUpdate.com to download the latest updates avaliable. When I downloaded the updates they were no longer avaliable in the C:\WUTemp folder, so i figured out that v5 downloads them in a different folder. Can you please tell where the new store folder is? thanx in advance! Gonik

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