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  1. MS Java VM vs. Sun Java

    Well basically MS Java VM is Microsoft version of the Java Virtual Machine. Sun Java VM is the original. Thus installing the original would according to me be better. This will enable you to run Java apps or applets on your pc. In SP2 there is no MS VM if I am not mistaken.
  2. RaveRod, you didn't by any chance mean that the Q832483.exe file should be in the UPDATE directory instead of the SVCPACK directory hey? I got it to work using the method you told me, but only by putting the above mentioned file in the i386/Update directory. Anyway, thanks for you help. Fernando.
  3. Winamp help

    Hi, Easier would be to set the default action as enqueue in winamp. Then you only need to double click the file in explorer.
  4. Shucks... that was fast RaveRod... I posted my original message and decided to edit it and you already gave me a reply.. Thanks a million, will try that now to see if it works.
  5. MDAC problem --Edit Sorry, seems like I have missed some threads which adheres to this problem.
  6. reg hacks a thing of the past

    Hi Gosh, I was trying to download your inf files from your site, but I can't download the following file: http://gosh.msfnhosting.com/Files/Install_public.inf With all the other inf files I have no problem, am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance Fernando.

    Hi there, I am sorry to reply without actually giving an answer to your problem. The thing is I was trying to install the RIS on a Windows 2003 Server and I just can't get it to work (Client doesn't see the RIS server). Was wondering if you might help me with something. 1. I installed RIS, made the image, but how to get it to verify itself on the DHCP server? I am not the administrator of the real domain, thus cannot do it there. 2. If I install DHCP on the server (to get RIS to work), as what should I install it? As you can see, I am no expert when it comes to Active Directory, DHCP or RIS, just thought it would be pretty funky if I could get that right. Any help would be greatly appriciated. If you can just point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance, Fernando.