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  1. I have a bunch of questions that I hope some people can help answer: 1. I have a copy of Windows XP saved on my D hard drive at: D:\Install\WindowXP\i386 I would like to create an unattended installation that will directly access the files on the hard drive instead of loading them from the CD. What commands would I need to add to the WINNT.SIF file in order to accomplish this? 2. I would like to do a Quick Format of the C drive during the installation. What commands would I have to add to accomplish this? 3. I already have the WINNT.SIF file configured to move the Documents and Settings to the D: drive. Is there an automated way to move the My Documents to the D: Drive as well? 4. Can somebody direct me to a location where I could learn how to turn off certain services during the installation of Windows? This would just make things much easier than going back and disabling the services manually later on. Thanks, Charlie

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