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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Thanks for the quick answer Fernando 1! I will try your method tomorrow. And yes, its already a SP3 CD. Update: Tried ur method, still the same. But then I found the real cause of the problem: There is another original xp cd in the other sata CD-ROM the whole time, which let the setup trying read source file from the first CD-ROM, the SATA one, not the USB one I modified, even it is booted from the USB one. Removed the CD, booted from the USB, install runs without asking those AHCI driver files. But in the GUI section at startup, it tells some "asm" "incorrect parameter" error and stops. Looks like that it has problem reading the usb stick, even all the chipset inf are also integrated. Whatever, I burned this as a CD and used the SATA CD-ROM, install works now, without a problem. I will look into the USB CD-ROM issue later. Update2: the "asm" error was because of the USB stick. The ISO itself is no problem
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi! I haven't used Nlite for quite some time. Now got a new board with Q67 on it. In BIOS you can choose only AHCI/RAID/Disable for SATA, so no IDE mode. Install WinXP SP3 32 Bit from original cd brings me 0x7B BSOD after showing "...Starting Windows..." during text mode setup. The reason is easy to guess. Then I downloaded the newest nlite and tried to integrate the newest RST F6 drivers into XP install source. This time, the "Starting windows" won't cause BSOD anymore, and the SATA HD was recognised. But then during the file copying in text mode, it then asks for nhelper.exe etc. incl. all the ahci.cat/sys/inf and iastor.* from F6 driver set. I had to press ESC to skip. But during GUI setup of windows, 0x7B BSOD comes. I have tried F6 driver set from Intel, from the one from this site, and tried to include the chipset inf also, always the same. I used "Text Mode" when Nlite slipstreams the drivers. I tried "PnP" mode too, but this wont work because of the obvious reason. I then tried to slipstream them both in 2 session, the same GUI BSOD.(I guess this is the same as slipstreaming in "Text Mode"). And I tried ahci.inf and iastor.inf, both the same. Ok, from my guess, the setup couldnt find the driver files for PnP driver and GUI Setup. I checked the install CD I created, all driver files are in correct directory as in the txtsetup.sif stated. I have no clue now what the reason could be. Any hint would be welcome! Btw. I use USB CD ROM for setup(actually a USB Stick refactored into a USB CD ROM and a write USB Stick). Could this be a problem? But why setup can copy the other windows files...
  3. I want to add extra boot option to a grub bootable iso. I have another ISO from which I want to add the file to the grub bootable ISO. What I've done is extract the boot file using UltraISO and tried to use grub to boot from the boot file. Is this possible? Which command should I use? I tried "map /test.bif (hd32)" "map --hook" etc. and no success. I don't want to use the ISO simulation from grub cause this won't work with many programs
  4. Hihi, I just wondered what's going on there, cause that file works by me. Just added some lines in the file posted by lgs. I found out the detail description link of KB934173 was wrong, but the download file name etc. are still correct. I upload the corrected version anyway. P.S.: It seems that these patches(with the "glb" in the file name) are for all languages. office_2007_x86_enu.ul.txt
  5. Updated. office_2007_x86_enu.ul.txt
  6. Under Regional and Language Options, you can select a default language for non-Unicode programs. A Windows XP installed from an original cd would tell me the required files are already in system, so I don't need the install cd for switching to another language. But I found out, xp installed from my nlited version will ask for install cd everytime when I change to another language. I can either insert the install cd or point the file path to \Windows\Fonts to complete this process. So the actual files are already in system, windows just don't check this. I found no way to fix this problem in nlite, cause I didn't remove any languages or keybords etc. in nlite(actually I even tried not to remove anything with nlite), and tried selecting all language groups in nlite's unattended setup part. Windows xp keeps asking me for install cd... Is there any way to fix this in one of those INF, SIF or what ever so I don't get this prompt for install cd every time? Thanks for any help!