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  1. DVD Filters from PowerDVD9 or WinDVD9

    Your right about that. I have been trying for years now, and ye i have tryed version7, also 8 and now 9 all done for nothing. But like i said in the first post, i recommand anyone that thinks that regsvr32 would work with these files to try that and see. Oh and here you can get the files i uploaded them of version 9 http://members.chello.nl/hjmdewit/CLPDVD9.zip Well you see i can do that, but im trying to find out what i can do to make them work, and i hope i can with some of your help.
  2. Hi, I have a problem which till now never found a sulution for it. I did a clean Windows XP Pro installation on a PC. Now I would like to play a DVD on this PC but only using Windows Media Player (dont rush with your judgment yet) Now the first thing comes to mind is to download and install some 3rd party software like PowerDVD or WinDVD to do that. So I thought I was smart by just downloading one of them take their Filters out which are required to play a DVD so I wouldn't have to install the whole software. Here comes the hard part. I downloaded PowerDVD 9 and I extracted the following files Video Filters only: B CLVSD.AX CLNavX.ax CLLine21.AX Now It should be easy right? Just copy the files to system32 and use the regsvr32 to register and off you go. Well I can say that anyone can try it like this but It Will NEVER Work. I have just tried about everything I know just to make it work but noooo use. I think Google got fed up with me for searching so much. Now im trying my luck here in hope for someone or anyone to help me out. Does anyone know a way to make it work? Is there any trick? because there are some codec packs on the net which have these files working. ofcours I can use an other player like Media Player Classic Homecinema or VLC. But I really want to know how to solve this problem because its bugging me for YEARS!
  3. Universal Extractor Feature Requests

    Hi nitro322 Is it possible to add Setup Factory from Indigo Rose Software? I would like to be able to extract this file http://www.paltalk.com/download/0.x/pal_install_r83185.exe thank you very much.