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  1. For the graphic mode, to convert a BMP image (256 colors max - 640x480) to a CSI one, it's "convert -bmp2csi -o output.bmp input.csi" http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/cdshellimage.htm But that's not really new, IMO the most impressive is the text mode. It's the first time I see something like that with CDShell Have you tested my CDShell.ini? Nearly... The splash screen before (if the PC is compliant), and the other screens after. Check my CDShell.ini. Except what Alanoll gives you, all you need is in
  2. Text mode (the screen copies are a bit flattened, sorry) So as you can see, my text mode uses menus, IMO far more convenient than the classical CDShell screens. Indeed if you want to test... here is my cdshell.ini file Enjoy! P.S. 1: this text mode menus come from ZULU NINER... http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5045 ...but have been modified to fix a bug and add new features as the possibility the set choices without sub menus (sub choices). P.S. 2: A detailed topic on the subject for French people can be found here... http://severinterrier.free.fr/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=234
  3. AaronXP, here is my suggest First of all, at the start of CDShell a test verify if the PC is graphic mode compliant. If the answer is yes it will boot on it, and if it's no it will boot on the text mode. Here is the screen shots... (sorry it's in french) Graphic mode
  4. - Just put all the files of the 6 floppy disks in a single directory - Find or create a DOS boot disk image with CD/DVD support - Add a line to launch the Windows SETUP.EXE (or INSTALL.EXE) at the end of Autoexec.bat - And add a choice to run this image in your CDShell boot menu And it works fine P.S.: you can add MS-DOS too... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=16271
  5. No idea? Nobody ever add Windows 95 on such a DVD, using CDShell?
  6. No I don't. But /nf seems to be Win 98 only
  7. Arf... it doesn't work Booting on a floppy disk (write protected as a DVD) and running the install.exe of 95 on the DVD works fine. But booting on the SAME FD image on the DVD, via CDShell +Memdisk, or +DiskEmu, or +bcdw, and running the install.exe of 95 on the DVD does NOT work!!! Any idea?
  8. Yep, that's an idea! I didn't know it was possible. Thanks. I'll try this
  9. Thanks for your replies! Perhaps but that's not the reason of the issue.If I can install Win 95 on the PC without any issue. Yes & no. I didn't ask this question this last hour, it was one week ago, but it's right that as all the other OS works... - MS-DOS 6.22 - PC-DOS 6.3 - Windows 3.11 - Windows 3.11 for WorkGroups - Windows 98 - Windows 98 SE - Windows Me - Windows 2000 Pro - Windows 2000 Server - Windows XP Pro corporate - Windows Entreprise Server 2003 corporate ...I'm quite "impatient" to solve the 95/95 OSR-2.1 case Not more than MS-DOS 6.22 Nop. But I really think that it's just a memory management issue caused by CDShell/IsoLinux/Memdisk used to run the FD. If I use the SAME FD image on a real FD (even write protected, as on a DVD), boot on it and run manually install.exe of 95 on the multiple OS DVD it works fine! Moreover, I have a friend for who it works using "DiskEmu"! But as I have my boot script (which works for all the other OS) on CDShell... So that's why I ask if someone has already succeed to add Win 95 to a multiple OS DVD using CDShell.
  10. No one has an idea? No one try? No one succeed? Thanks for your help!
  11. Does anyone know how to add Windows 95 on a Multi-boot DVD using CDShell? I tried many boot disks (MS-DOS 6.22, 95 & 98) but it always failed. The setup freeze just after the licence agreement It seems to be a memory issue as one time I got an error message asking me to modify the "stack" value in "config.sys"; but it didn't change anything Any idea or procedure? Thanks very much for your help
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