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  1. Hamachi has alot of problems on Vista and up, most games won't even work with it properly on those Operating Systems, so me and a friend searched for better way to make a VPN and we found it - Tunngle, with Hamachi we had to mess about with alot of network options to get it working right on Windows 7 and even after all that tweaking, there was a high chance that the game wouldn't work with it anyway, with Tunngle, I laughed at how easy it was compared to Hamachi, you just start the program, join a channel and then everyone who is in the same channel and see your server on their LAN or vice versa.

    It's currently in German language only but the next release will have full English support, don't be swayed off by this if you are English, scroll down for a video tutorial of what to do if you don't understand German.

    Main Site: http://www.tunngle.net/en/

    Forum: http://www.tunngle.net/forum/

    Download: http://www.tunngle.net/en/downloads/

    So how do I get this working?

    It's pretty simple, however if you have a problem with the installation (like something fails and you get a weird error during install), read the section below these usage instructions.

    HERE'S a video tutorial but if you can't follow that, then there's some text instructions below.

    1. Download Tunngle and install it, restart your PC if needed

    2. Create an account HERE

    3. Run Tunngle and login, Remember to use your USER PASSWORD on the login screen, account password will not work. The login process may take a while, for me it was instant but for my friend it took about a minute or two.

    4. Once, you see the main screen, , click browser at the bottom left, double click a game of your choice and it will open that games chatroom, it can be any game - however people who want to play with you need to be on the same channel as you, once you're on the same channel as the people you want to play with, that's it, you can now make a lan server and people on that channel will be able to join it and vice versa.

    5. Have fun. :)

    OH NOES! Tunngle keeps giving me an error during install, what's wrong!?

    There's an apparently rare bug with the latest version which causes a component to not install correctly, download the older version HERE, install it (it should install fine) and then install the newest over it (which should also install without problems now).

    The game I want to play is not on the list...

    It doesn't need to be, just join any channel, it's easier to find people if you join the same channel as the game you want to play though.

    Please say thanks on their forum if you like it, spreading the word about Tunngle would be great too.

    Tunngle VS. Hamachi

    Tunngle vs Hamachi: Features comparison (and more Tunngle features are coming as version number increases!!)

    Features --------------------------------------------------------- Hamachi----------------Tunngle

    Network capacity limit ------------------------------------------ 16---------------------- 255

    Works properly on Vista & W7 -------------------------------- No*-------------------- Yes

    Integrated network browser ----------------------------------- No---------------------- Yes

    Integrated network search ------------------------------------- No---------------------- Yes

    Works with games ---------------------------------------------- Sometimes**--------- Always

    Class C emulator ------------------------------------------------ No---------------------- Yes

    Native secure protocol for file sharing ------------------------ No---------------------- Yes

    Tight sharing access control ----------------------------------- No---------------------- Yes

    See how many players are on network before joining ------- No---------------------- Yes

    Advanced security ----------------------------------------------- Yes--------------------- Yes

    Players in a network -------------------------------------------- Offline&Online--------- Online***

    Friend system --------------------------------------------------- No----------------------- Yes

    Global chat blacklist --------------------------------------------- No----------------------- Yes

    Global banlist ---------------------------------------------------- Yes---------------------- Yes

    Global messenger ----------------------------------------------- No----------------------- Yes

    Game dedicated organization ---------------------------------- No----------------------- Yes

    *No hamachi doesn't work properly on Vista. Why? Beacuse it doesn't send UDP broadcast to the network interface. This means that, although some games might still work, many just won't. Unless you download a particular fix, you won't see all the hosted games in the game browser when using Vista or Windows 7.

    **Often after some hard work. Hamachi can really be a pain to set up. Tunngle isn't! And you can always count on a wonderful support from the Tunngle crew.

    ***Offline players do not steal places to the online players anymore. How many hamachi networks are dead or full of offline players?Tunngle actively solves this issue!


    25/07/09 Updated with more accurate info

  2. iirc, it's in explorer.exe, shell32.dll and possibly iexplore.exe as well. It's actually a series of bitmaps that are played in rapid succession to imitate an animation. You can use Windows group policies or TweakUI to change it without having to change the source files.

    I need to do it through ResHack as they are going into an Nlited disk, I managed to find them in the end, after you suggested that it was a sort of animation, I checked the shell32.dll bmp area and found a huge string of flags like the one in the picture, replaced it with a small transparant pixel and it's now gone, thanks for the help. :thumbup

  3. I don't think it is possible, due to Vista using something called the Desktop Composition Manager or something like that, XP doesn't have it. The only thing I can think of is using WindowBlinds but it's not free and most of the Vista themes for XP look rubbish or are very buggy.

  4. I've also downloaded that torrent, looks legit, I have not installed it onto my system yet though, I'm installing it on a VM and picking it apart, making sure no one has rootkitted or trojan'd it.

    The RC's of SP3 integrate with nlite fine so I'm guessing the final does too.

  5. Hmm, but I only got my MCE serial...

    Does anyone know this? Can I skip cd2, and not include it?

    You need to pay for different versions of Windows, if you want Professional Edition, the only legal way of obtaining Professional is by buying it.

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