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  1. Successfully used Fernando's drivers and all is working well, thanks Fernando.... Jaclaz, thanks for that, excellent program will keep it on hand for sure... Spolied Brat, both those links are very interesting and similar, thanks... Ponch, your right, I googled the version and wrote that by mistake, it is an AMD... Many thanks to all, now to load the drivers and see which works.
  2. Thanks for your help Ponch. I followed your link to a file that Fernando Posted that he mentioned contains the INF and OEM files of the linked 32/64bit AMD textmode drivers have been customized by him to make them usable with nearly all AMD chipsets from SB6xx up. I am reading that mine is an SB i855GM so I'm hoping this will work. Sounds great so I downloaded a .z7 file and I must be getting soft in the head as I am unable to open it. Can you please point me to a file that will enable me to open this file. Many thanks again..... http://win-lite.de/benutzer/fernando/AMD-ATI/AHCI%20&%20RAID%20drivers/XP/32bit%20AMD%20SBxxx%20textmode%20driver%20v3.3.1540.29%20for%20XP%20mod%20by%20Fernando.7z
  3. I am having a real difficult time finding files to work with the nLite program to downgrade from win7 to Xp pro sp2 x86. Install xp fine in the non ahci mode but would like to take advantage of the ahci feature. Being an AMD processor and while still being in win7 I copied out the hardware ID profiles and googled them looking for a file. I get nothing that I am able to work with and would like some help if anyone has any suggestions. Many thanks.
  4. ASUS/GE 1.8M 524M 40Ghd XP Pro SP2 Worked perectly for two years. Basic eMail, Family Pictures, Tunes etc. Switching on goes through the bios set up and now tells me its been switched off incorreclty and asks me to either start windows normally, safe mode, last known etc. Selecting start normally, I see the windows logo start up screen for few seconds then a blue screen flashes and goes back to begining switch on screen. Selecting Safe Mode, screen show many loaded files, pauses then straight back to the re-boot screen. I have selected all the options with basically same results. I followed a link explaining how to re-install xp from the repair option on the installation disk but due to not being able to see the c: drive the repair option wasn't available, just mentioned it was an unformatted partition and wanted to format it and will loose all data. Local computer repair outlet ran winteralls 2005. He booted up from cd and tech said the c: drive it couldn't be mounted. He was real busy and was getting nowhere so brought computer home. I understand that I'm going to have to re-install a fresh copy of xp but would like to try save some data and my address book etc. My question: Is there a program that will allow me to access the hard drive in dos mode (ntfs) and allow me to copy off some of these file? Many thanks for reading this. David...
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