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  1. Hi RogueSpear, They do indeed come with a lifetime warranty, this is one of the reasons we went with them. I couldn't find a better deal hardware wise when comparing specifications and support as well as cost. I'm very impressed with them so far! And would definately recommend both units. The Procurve series are definately worth a look at. Cheers, Coldfire
  2. Hi Guys, Just thought I'd share this configuration guide for the HP 5308xl and 2650 switches I've written. You can find it at http://www.cb-net.co.uk Hope its usefull, Cheers -ColdFire
  3. thanks man thats just what i was looking for! I can finally get rid of this woman!! thanks again
  4. I'm not planning on doing anything illegal, but this woman is a nightmare. How can it be illegal if I want to remove the license after everything has been setup?! HP, compaq and IBM are just a few examples of companies that do this all the time! I just want the OEM license and Key entry screen to appear when she turns on the machine for the first time. She will have to enter her license to continue using the machine... hence this is legal. There must be a way to do it as there was in win98.
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to fix up a machine here for a customer of the shop i work for. The daft woman has lost her windows xp licence. What i need to know is whether there is a way to remove the licence like you could in wnidows 98, after the setup process and installation of drivers and programs is complete. What i want to do is leave it like it was the day she got it, setup with everything but she had tio accept the EULA licence and type in her serial number. Any suggestions would be great, many thanks
  6. Is there a way to get this to install silently and stop it from asking if i want to reboot? If you know, please share the wealth!! Cheers guys
  7. Hey guys, I tried editing the boot image of the win98SE CD as i really like the fact it defaults to booting off the HDD. I added in Format and xcopy and then burnt it back to the disk. Unfortunately this doesn't work, the disc isn't bootable. Any ideas why? Cheers Chris
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