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  1. Update Defender manually in UA

    I agree with spoof... Defiantly not MSFN worthy
  2. Convert MSDN to OEM?

    thnx red... plus mr. mod i think i have seen something about changing the last 3 digits or whatever somewhere here before but i just couldnt find it, and nobody said anything about that. i will try to look for that, even though to me im not trying to rat out anybody but ****.... be fair, especially since i dont believe i was doing anything wrong by asking the question since i have legal copies of MCE and since i lost my recovery disks its not like i can get my slp key from it. the stupid key that is on top of my dell doesnt even work when i try to change the key after installation.... go figure.
  3. Convert MSDN to OEM?

    hold on homie.... first of all i was not trying to discuss "circumventing WGA/activation/timebombs/keygens or any other illegal activity" cuz i own a copy of MSDN MCE as well as an OEM MCE for my Dell except that i lost my OEM recovery disks. so im just trying to make my new clean install a breeze like it was before cuz i redo my computer about 2 or 3 times a year. so in no way was i trying to do anything illegal.... atleast i think cuz i wasnt sure... i guess thats why i was asking. second of all please dont get neo in trouble for my question. if something was wrong here please explain cuz i believe most people on this site, atleast the ones i see posting all the time, own legal copies of Windows... correct?
  4. Convert MSDN to OEM?

    thnx a lot neo i will try that out now.... and f*** the EULA.
  5. hi i have a question, sorry if this was posted already but i couldnt find it.... is it possible that i can convert my existing MSDN copy of MCE to an OEM copy so that i can make my installs a lot easier cuz i lost my original recovery cds from dell?
  6. i called MS to activate but they couldnt tell me how to change my key to the COA key that i have on my system (it doesnt help that everytime i called MS that i get a foreigner on the phone who is so anxious to just hang up on me). they said i have to contact dell on the issue. this creates a problem cuz how can they tell me when my warranty is finished? i dont know.... this whole thing just p***es me off.
  7. oh man.... thats what i was afraid of.... i guess i will call now. that sucks cuz i usually do a clean install on my computer about 2 or 3 times a year. thnx anyways
  8. yeah im having that problem too... i need the slp key or just an easy way to use the key that was given to me by dell. i think its so stupid that they give you the key that you believe to be the current key you're using but really its not... cuz when u do a fresh install and try to use ur legit key it doesnt work... f***ing stupid IMO.
  9. yeah its the generic 2 cd set from MSDN and it didnt accept my key from my cpu. so what SLP key will work for MCE so i can do an unattended or even not an unattended install? how can i reactivate my software through phone activation if its already activated with the non-genuine key?
  10. anybody?..... i really dont want to use a wga fix or anything like that cuz i did pay for this and i would like to be genuine on my own. please can somebody help.... thanks
  11. meaning a backup copy of Media Center but its not the original recovery disk from dell, thats why i need to enter my key. but i was reading somewhere either in this post or another that usually the key from the royalty oem recovery disk is different then the one they post on the computer itself. so what do i do to get my product key licensed with MCE so i can be "genuine"? i dont want to have to do that stupid phone activation cuz im trying to make a "recovery" disk of my own since reading the unattended section of msfn.org and reading a lot of posts here. i've already scratched my hard drive on my dell so i have to find out how to activate it using the key that is on my computer.
  12. please... i need my computer back to normal can anyone help me? got this computer from dell a couple years ago and its out of its warranty and i lost the original disks but i have my backup... but for some reason it wont let me enter my OEM product key that is on my machine. how do i enter that key so i can validate it and update my software via windows updates? thnx
  13. ok i have an oem blue/green coa windows media center product key from dell. i did a clean install of my media center and when i entered the key it would not allow it. so i quickly found a key online just to get it to install and then i was going to change it later using the product key changer. well it will not let me change it and i dont have my original cds that came from dell and im not waiting for them to send me new ones either. is there a way i can get my original cd key validated so i can update my computer? thnx