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  1. Ok, now i'm confused. I boot to vistape, I go to x:\windows\system32 and find startnet.cmd and I can see that the wpeutil disablefirewall line is there, but when i start ghost multicast it still fails unless I go to the command prompt and type wpeutil disablefirewall manually first.
  2. I tried that by mounting the one in the Windows AIK, edting the file, then unmounting it and telling winbuilder to grab the files again. It doesnt seem to have taken though. Chances are I did something wrong there. Is there any other approach I can try?
  3. Hello everyone, I had a question that I am hopeing someone with more experiance with this than myself can answer. In winbuilder 072, with the VistaPE 009 beta or vistape008, is there an easy way using a script or simple editing to get wpeutil disablefirewall to run at startup? I've got a working iso with explorer added, ghost added, and ghost working, but i have to manually disable the firewall each time if I want to run multicast. Any help would be greatly appriciated! THank you in advance Tim

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