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  1. Sorry, First link useless, site claims to host 'abandonwarez' because of this it's not even worth further investigation. I may even ask the mods here to put it on the blacklist, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! I will try searching around mqdx.com - That site I know to be reasonable
  2. Hi, Anyone here know (other than Ebay) where to obtain legal licenses for Windows 3.11? Apparently Dosbox now has limited support for this anicent OS and I was wanting to test. However, to do that I still need an appropriate license. The alternative would be to find some mad hacker willing to write from scratch enough of Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 to enable the old multimedia application I want to use to run. This idea has merit, after all ReactOS is trying to implement NT. HX DOS extender IIRC only supports PE type, not NE type used by Windows 3.11 ?
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