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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Simple question, can I add files to the XP image in the root folder? They will be in a folder and hold drivers and updates I want installed installed right when I get into Windows. No auto copying, just having them be on the disk.
  3. Just so everyone knows, I was having a lot of problems integrating drivers into my XP SP3 files. The only way I was able to get them all in was to go and manually add each driver one by one to the list. Any other way caused nLite to either crash or come up with errors during the integration. Note : I checked my system for spy ware, viruses, mail ware, program RAM usage, and HDD errors. Everything was all clear, and I tested it with a SP2 and gold (No SP at all) file set with no problems using the multiple driver folder.
  4. Ok, here is the thing. He already knows about that (obviously). But he wants to do this : Have the repair option pop up. (Already knows how) AND : now this is key! ALSO, as in at the same time with the setting to prompt repair, be allowed to use the loading of the $OEM$ folder structure for after Windows is in place.
  5. This is a real simple question, can I add a small text file to the root directory of the disk image? I keep my CD Keys in text files, and with SP3 allowing it to be put in later on it would be grate to have it sitting on the disk. Integrating it usually forces the install to go into unattended mode skipping the main options from the setup that I need at times.
  6. Well, as of right now, I have RyanVM's integration done. I used his software to integrate his stuff. It automatically puts hot fixes in first, then WGA, and then WMP 10. My main concern is what order to use the integration software.
  7. Ok, I want to integrate hot-fixes, AND drivers. But, to keep things simple for me personally, I want to use RyanVM's hot-fix integration (using the 2.1.11 package, WGA, and WMP 10 add-on's) and nLite's driver integration with IE7. This just allows me to get myself to the point of a almost complete updated OS (XP Pro) with very little need for additional updates. My question is what order should I do the integrations? RyanVM first, or nLite first? They both offer making an ISO for burning, I just want to get a good install disk.

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