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  1. First off, forgive me because I'm a Noob. I'm trying to set up WDS so our techs in the field can utilize it to do OS imaging on individual computers. I understand that MS does not support this, but I've read in several places that it can be made to work. So I'm trying to make it happen. We have Ghost 7, and we need to replace it. I've been successful in pulling both WinXP and Win2K images to the WDS server. However, when I PXE boot a machine, it tries to pull a fresh installation of Windows XP from the SMS server. I'm sure this is because the PE.wim I used was the Lite Touch Windows PE from BDD 2007. Can anyone tell me how to make a PE.wim that I can use to pull Windows XP and 2K .wim files from the WDS server? You all have a great forum here, I'm sure I'll be spending alot of time here pouring over all the info. Pete

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