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  1. Hi! Could anyone tell me how do i get an .exe to pop-up after the windows installation? I mean, after the first boot when all the "nLite add-ons" are installed.
  2. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how I could edit the "welcome" text from the windows welcome screen... I saw a registry setting on a site, but I can't find that site anymore in my history ( )... I would like to change the font and the actual text... Thanx a lot
  3. What? Do you need my nLite preset or what? It is a pretty simple question which is not related to my settings, it is related to user knowledge about Windows... I got this preset from a user from another forum, played with it a bit and after installation, I couldn't create a Quick Launch toolbar, simple... I only need some general help... "Don't delete file.xx", "you should keep file2.xx", stuff like this... if you know how to help, please do it... Thanx
  4. Hi! I just made myself a nice windows but the only thing I'm puzzled about is that when I try to enable "Quick Launch" it gives me an error about cannot create toolbar... Could anyone tell me what i've taken out or why is this happening?
  5. Hi! Can anyone tell me how could I make truetransparency start with windows? In case you don't know, TrueTransparency adds the Aero feel for free... It's quite nice and very lite on resources, but I don't know how to manually add it to start with windows
  6. Hi! Does anyone know how I could change the start button icon (the windows flag)? I would appreciate more answers that imply actually editing a file than using some program to do this (like Tclock)... Thanx a lot
  7. eqdsign

    some goals

    Hi! I wanted to get a very slim OS and wanted to know if anyone has some ideas on how could i get a windows folder of 300-400 mb. maybe some advance tips or things like this... I played around with nlite these days and, even if the iso is down to 130-150 mb the windows folder will still be 530 mb... thanx in advance

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