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  1. - Tony Tough and The Night of Roasted Moths this is the new trailer of Tony Tough PC with the announce of the imminent Mac & Smartphone version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRuhbWZo8LE description: Experience Tony Tough. An amazing adventure game following in the footsteps of a great classical genre. Experience an incredible adventure, Tony Tough a crazy story packed with humour and all sorts of twists! Tony Tough marks the return of graphic adventure gaming. Its "point and click" interface is characterized by sophisticated graphics and a superb cartoon-style look. There are tons of places to discover, where you'll meet characters along the way, each one funnier than the last, with plenty of puzzles, laughter, plus the most unforgettable Halloween imaginable. resources: http://eu-adventureshop.gamesplanet.com/buy-download-pc-games/Tony-Tough-3934-44.html http://tony-tough.paternita.info/ ..
  2. We are the World - USA for Africa (Music video HD) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvu2bPx5O7Y 30 years after the launch of the song that sold 10 million copies and collected 50 millions for the Ethiopia famine, in your opinion, how did things change after that? Are those ideas still actual today? best wishes to you, RJ
  3. commodore 64 tribute

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sVPK7dX2-c Malmoe Symphony orchestra performs theme ..
  4. commodore 64 tribute

    and still great musi here: http://remix.kwed.org/index.php?search=the+last+ninja
  5. commodore 64 tribute

    yes however the video tribute is now in original hi-quality version on: http://lastninja.c64.org (see front page) http://dlab.develer.com/last-ninja.swf (download) see you
  6. commodore 64 tribute

    for those remembering The Last Ninja... bye,rossj