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  1. Thanx to Fernando... This definitely works if you follow the instructions in the first post. tools: m2n sli with Nvidia 570 chipset, 4 320GB Seagate SATA HDDs, XP Pro x64, Vista Home Premium x64, nLite v1.4, winrar, nero. I had a little trouble getting nlite to streamline sp2 in, so I just added the sataraid subfolder and the ide_raid subfolder as explained in the first post, and I was able to install xp onto a raid 1 set with NO problems, sp2 after the install. I had already installed vista on another mirror, so I just physically disconnected those drives before creating the 2nd mirror and installing xp. Afterward, I reconnected the vista drives and both mirrors showed healthy. I choose an OS by setting the corresponding mirror to bootable in MediaShield. After all hardware was configured, each OS insisted on doing a diskcheck at first boot and now all is working perfectly with no further diskchecks. I bought XP to run ProTools, and I plan to use a free partition on the vista mirror to record audio to, because Digidesign recommends you don't record to the system drive. But I need to free up space on the vista mirror, so I'm pointing most of my data folders to an empty partition on the xp mirror (69). It seems like a somewhat convoluted way to go about things, but it works.. and I think it's cool.
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