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  1. I made a copy of my xpcd folder, told nlite where that was, slipstreamed (checked the filenames, they are still normal) then removed some components and now I go back to the folder, and about 1/3rd of the files have "copy of" in there filename and the cd does not boot ( I figured I would try, just in case that was normal). It's pretty **** weird.
  2. --------------------------- Windows Updates Downloader --------------------------- The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine --------------------------- OK --------------------------- The proxy details are correct, and work with my webbrowser.
  3. I reduced my winxp pro 64bit edition cd, and for some reason (I did not remove them!) a large amount of folders in the output folder are called "copy of oldfilename" where old filename is the old filename. I built it under vmware on a shared drive... Might that be the cause?
  4. nch


    I am trying to streamline the deployment process for some computer labs, the current process is basicly: Ghost 30 machines. Install Vuescan by hand on the 10 machines with scanners. As you can imagine, this is very very annoying. So I plan to make another group in ghost for the scanner machines, transfer the vuescan files, and tada it works? Well, not exactly. I can get the vuescan application to deploy with no issues, but the unsigned driver needs admin rights to install. I can think of a few fixs for this: 1. Make an autoit script to click through the unsigned driver box 2. Make some kind of driver installer (load the driver secretly, like anti virus software does) 3. Do them all by hand I don't like any of these ideas, is there a more proper way?
  5. nch


    Hi guys, quick introduction. I'm 22 and a Computer Lab Admin for a large Australian university, I look after about 1000 machines over about 100 labs, I have come to share my (still young) experience and gain insight from others about how I might be doing things better, I hope I can contribute some good ideas too. My current project is automating scanner driver deployment. Tools I currently use are Ghost and Autoit (which I am feeling is less than ideal right now). But enough about my projects, I'll be posting about them soon enough in the appropriate forums! Off topic interests relate to animals, video games and personal fitness. Look forward to meeting you all

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