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  1. 1. Un-install IE Enhanced security from Windows Components. 2. add the network drive to the trusted sites list, you can find it from tools\internet options, then select the security tab. Good luck
  2. After you install onto the first machine, go to the M$ website for updates. It will list each available update in a LINK. Click on the link and follow the download. Then save each download to your machine. I have done this time and time again without any problems. After you have accumulated all the updates, install onto all the machines. Pretty easy but time consumming.
  3. VBulletin offers a great spambot feature as well as IP, email and image verification. All though its a little pricey, it goes work easily. There are 1000s of plugins for it also. www.vbulletin.com www.vbulletin.org
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