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  1. Hey. I really enjoy the BBCode WYSIWYG text editor on this site. (The rich text editor mode thing that you use to compose posts.) Is there anyway that I can get it for my website (it uses drupal CMS engine)? Thanks!
  2. If I had the XP cd, I'd just use the XP cd to reinstall my XP. No duh. But I don't keep track / organize of all my CDs after years and years of having them. For nLite I copied my i386 and cmpnent files - and it all works so far. So how can I get an identification file? Can I create a file named winip that is blank?
  3. Hey, so I have a CD and a DVD burned directly from nLite. I have BIOS setting boot first from CD/DVD, then Floppy, then Hardware... I'm set. So I go. I put my DVD or CD in. I restart. "Press any key to boot from CD" Windows xp setup/install loads up and requests that I .... "Put Windows Professional Service Pack 2 CD into Drive A:\" huh? 1. My xp and nlite burn is for Windows XP Media Center, (I have Service Pack 2 already on my computer) 2. My A:\ is a FLOPPY drive (and detachable to, plugs in by USB), my E:\ drive is for CDS ...BIOS is first CD, so why is it doing floppy instead? ...I don't even have my floppy drive plugged in, so the A:\ drive doesn't exist. How is it finding and wanting to use it? ...(I assume this doesn't matter) why is it asking for Win Pro SP2 when I am currently using Win MCE SP2? ...Why does it ask for a CD when it requests a floppy drive? 3. How do I get it to recognize my nlite cd or dvd and have it use my cd or dvd so I can finally do a clean reinstall of my system? thanks!
  4. Is it possible to configure my boot CD / DVD through nLite to be only 4.7 gigs?
  5. Hey, I went through the whole nlite process ... and now I'm finding out that the file (7.6 gigs) is much to large for a regular CD or a DVD. What do I do so I can actually burn the CD / DVD?
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