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  1. Hi there i have searched the net trying trying to find a driver for my canon i865 on XP x64. I have found that pixma IP4000 driver works or you could install vista via Vm ware and do it that way then delete vm ware. What i am trying to do is extract the printer driver from Vista X64 installation disc or from Win7 x64 install disc but do not know how or even if it is possible to extract the printer drivers and integrate them into Win XP x64 using nlite or something like that . Any help anyone can provide would be great thanking you in advance mcmuzzy
  2. Windows Xp Printing Wizard

    it does but there is one function that i am after which vista does not have In Win XP under the Photo Printing Wizard Layout Section is has the following Full Page Prints Full Page Fax Print centered and rotated to fit Full Page Photo Print cropped and roated to fit I am after the first option which is "Full Page Fax Print centered and rotated to fit " is there any way of getting this option within Vista Ultimate ?
  3. Windows Xp Printing Wizard

    Hi there I was wondering is there a way that i can extract the windows printing wizard from Win XP disc so i can install it as a standalone program in win vista . Any help you can provide would ber greatly appreciated
  4. the REAL xp-sp3 pre-beta (private)

    Hi could someone pls advise me where i can download win xp sp3 every link i have tried seem to be disbled cheers mcmuzzy
  5. Would you happen to knopw if there is any software that can plug in or be installed which will allow me to do this ?
  6. printing isn't the problem my friend, the problem i am having with vista is printing to an exact meaurement. is it possible to print exact custom measurments with vista? for example if wanted to print say 10 photos at a scale of 27.43cm x 18.42 cm with windows vista. Is this possible?
  7. In xp when you right click on a picture and hit print it comes up with the photo printing wizard for XP If you hit next it comes up with the printer and printing preferences and if you hit next again it comes up with available layouts. The layouts are as follows Full Page Prints "full page fax print centered and rotated to fit" "full page photo print cropped and rotated to fit" and then you have all the other layouts the one i am trying to get on Vista Ultimate which is on XP is "full page fax print centered and rotated to fit" not the other one. Is there a plugin for this that i am not aware of and if so could you pls advise where can i download it because i cannot see this exact option in vista
  8. I understand and appreciate what you are saying but what i am talking about is the the option which says Full Page Fax Print Centered And Rotated To Fit. This is the option.I am after. Is there anyway to get this option on vista ultimate ? This is on the XP Photo Printing Wizard. I am trying to do this exact same procedure on Vista
  9. Hi. hope someone can help me with this. I have just installed Vista Ultimate on my pc and have noticed the the photo printing wizard which i used to use on Win XP is gone. I am unable to "print full page fax centered and rotated to fit" the way i used to with Win XP. I would really love to get this feature back if possible. Any help and advise anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated cheers mcmuzzy
  10. How to add serial to a silent install

    LOL don't worry i will not forget you and i really DO appreciate all this sending you the list now
  11. How to add serial to a silent install

    ok kool hey would it be ok if i was to pm you a list of apps i wish to place on this and you tell me which onces are the most diffucult as advise me best way of installing them ? Reason i say this is because i have a few programs that are not listed anywhere and ussf cannot identify all of them
  12. How to add serial to a silent install

    thx you so much for that Kelsenellenelvian i really appreciate your help. All is so clear now just one thing with office enterprise 2007 do i just copy the entire disc and drag it accross to a folder or do i rip it as an iso file
  13. How to add serial to a silent install

    kool. thanx for that Kelsenellenelvian. I have already been to the help page but it does not say where to place the serial. Do i have to place it in the commad one line with the switch or do i have to go to a different command line?
  14. How to add serial to a silent install

    thx for that i see the way you put it in for nero and for office (i assume this is for the nlite add on method) so thankyou however if i wanted to do this with WPI 6.2 where would i put the serial for the software i wish to install. do i have to make a reg file or answer file or is it still an addon with nlite. i want to be able to pick what software i want to be installed with WPI once windows XP has finished installing. What i really need is a step by step guide if possible telling me where to put the switches and the serials for my additional software application with WPI
  15. WPI v6.2

    Hi there could anyone pls advise how to add serials to programs in WPI cheers mcmuzzy