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  1. MS Product Logo Fonts

    Thanks for the replies, i'll give them all a shot.
  2. MS Product Logo Fonts

    Im making some wallpapers currently, and im just wondering if anyone knows what fonts Microsoft uses on their product logos? (such as .NET 2003 server, XP, 2000 etc) I have tried verdana, but its not quite the same.
  3. UPDATE: Well, believe it or not, it was a faulty divX file which i downloaded. The file would jump explorer.exe usage and create a nice little file called Program.file in the main D:\ dir. removed the file from C:\ and D:\ wouldnt let me remove it! weird stuff but now under control.
  4. Ok ever since 2 days ago, my explorer.exe suddenly likes to use up alot of system resources. For instance, when I boot up, its at the normal size of around 11-13mb, but when i run my DChub and DC, a few minutes or so later it jumps to like 50-60mb. Once it was even at 140mb! This could have been while I installed and tried to use Virtual Dub, im not sure. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Yeah I just read about it. Once again, some 14yr old will come along and patch it.
  6. XP Pro and WPA

    Just a quick Q in regards to XP Pro and WPA. Obviously when XP is installed onto the operating system it generates an Activation key for the hardware etc. for e.g, if you keep the same configuration, but need to format the drive, will you need to request a new WPA key, or will you be able to simply enter the current one you have?

    hahaha what a mad trick! Im just wondering, how come it doesn't send to others? Do they need to have MSN installed or be on XP? Works when i send to myself, but not others.
  8. Installing Windows XP on 2nd HDD

    Just an update on my situation: I changed the jumpers on the CDROM and CDRW to have the CDROM as master. I formatted the 80gig HDD, to my surprise after installing XP, everything was in place! C: Windows ME D: Windows XP E: CDROM F: CDRW just like i wanted it. There was one thing i was puzzled about though, Everytime i Installed XP I had to set up a user, go through all that crap, But this time it took me right into the Administrator Logon screen, anyone know why? I did an advanced install, choose drive letter to install on and formatted from the CD.
  9. NetMeeting

    Yep, I found it, Thanks for that info. I was sure it was in XP, Just not sure where. edit: my god i must be blind, it's in program files. The forum looks heaps better then the old one btw
  10. NetMeeting

    Does windows xp come with a 'hidden' NetMeeting or NetMeeting at all? The 3.01 version on the MS website won't allow you to install it on xp.
  11. Installing Windows XP on 2nd HDD

    yeah its running off the Motherboard --> 30gig --> 80gig. The CDR and CDRW are also slave/mastered on a Different IDE channel on the mobo. Well pulling the case open i figured out why the CDROM is E: - damin jumper setting, i have it as slave
  12. Installing Windows XP on 2nd HDD

    Ok cool, well i'll just fiddle around and see what I can come up with.
  13. Installing Windows XP on 2nd HDD

    I know how to dual boot, I have been dual booting ME and XP for the past 8 months. I bought the 2nd Hard-drive so i can have each OS on its own. As I stated i wanted ME on C: which it is, and XP on D: not F:, i guess i'll give Partition Magic a shot. Thanks for the info guys.
  14. Hey guys, last week I got a 80gig 7,200rpm Seagate Barra IV. Now the thing is I have windows xp on it already, and it is selected as Drive F: (80 gig is slave) I have Windows ME on a 30gig seagate which is drive C: (master) I used to have the setup of: C: Windows ME (partition 1) D: Windows XP (partition 2) E: CDROM F: CDRW Now after installing the HDD, as a slave, my setup is: C: Windows ME D: CDRW (dont mind these 2) E: CDROM (dont mind these 2) F: Windows XP. My desired setup would be Windows XP on the HDD as D: not as F: , Im just wondering If anyone can help me? Already tried changing driver letters in Computer management and it didn't seem to change to my desired letter. edit: Topic is completely wrong, apologies.
  15. Changing XP Icons

    Yeah IconPhile looked a bit limiting but is quite good, I'll try Microangelo. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll add my input in threads when i can. btw: The forum looks great since I last visited.