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  1. TEXTMODE MassStorageDrivers Method

    This worked absolutely great!!! All I did was use the exact WINNT.SIF file in the very first post (substituting my data for the "XXXX" fields, of course). Here was the situation I overcame: We send out server appliances to all our clients and use them to provide remote DBA admin/monitoring services for the client's servers. I recently painstakingly built up a Ghost image to use on these servers that includes a 3Ware 8006-2LP SATA RAID card to provide a RAID 1 mirror for the XP Pro OS we install. We had been using 1U servers that had an Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2 motherboard. I built the original Ghost image by using a scratch manual install from CD with a Floppy to "F6" the 3ware drivers at the beginning. No big deal and I didn't care about unattended because I only had to build up one box from scratch and then Ghost would do the grunt work for all the rest. Well... We just got our next batch of servers, and lo and behold, our HW vendor has switched our motherboards to Intel® Server Board S5000VSA motherboards. So now my Ghost image is no good due to the changed underlying hardware and there is not only no floppy drive in the new servers, but NO FLOPPY CONTROLLER either! I tried to slipstream the driver into an XP Pro SP2 CD image using nlite's "Add Driver" (which looks like it just crams it down as compressed files in two places under i386?), but that didn't work. Then I found this thread and simply used the exact WINNT.SIF file and burned another CD (with the drivers tossed into the $OEM$\TEXTMODE\ and I386\$OEM$\ directories). I didn't even care about unattended, I just wanted to get XP loaded somehow, some way, on my 3Ware array sitting on a floppyless mobo! Well now I've killed two birds with one stone, because I have a sweet unattended install CD that includes my 3Ware drivers. I can even use the same CD if the motherboard changes again. I probably only understand about 70% of how this works too, but that's fine with me! Thank you very, very, much!