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  1. Why? Well, i dunno how i should add registry modifications to vista install?!?!? I'm Maybe i figure something out.
  2. ouch, this means that i *must* download WAIK (~1gb). But i'm pretty sure that i can disable that confirmation with registry.
  3. well ok, but is there anything like in xp's winnt.sif DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore or somekind registry tweak. (i dont have any idea how i can add/modify registry entries)
  4. How do i know which is WHQL and which is not? And is that counting how do i add them (i extracted the installer archives and added .inf files from directories)?
  5. I made an unattended dvd using vlite, everything works fine, just on install it asks do i want to install the drivers, because windows can't find the driver publisher. I have vista ultimate x64. I want, that windows install doesn't ask it anymore. http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/9388/p8200011zw2.jpg
  6. Great work nuhi, but there are some things that just i need: * Option to select the Security Center Error Reporting modes, i don't need those errors, i usually hide it. * Select resolution and the monitor hertz'es (if possible) * Disable the unsigned driver confirmation --------------- And now the less-needed options: * Selecting Google for MSIE7 default Search engine * Choose your own MSIE7 Home page And other customizable windows vista settings , i made just my first vlite disk and it works brilliant, just a lil bit configuration and updates.

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