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  1. Ok thanx for all helps...i couldnt get exactly what is the problem..i tried that tech net but it doesnt help also...So i decided to install SP1 and use RIS..well i started to use it and installed a template computer with all drivers and applications..and i started to take a image by using riprep.exe. than i restarted by PXE boot and i choosed my image from the list on blue screen...i entered my administrator password and after information screen it started like setup screen of windows usual setup...but it couldnt start after first screen and error is like bellow: "The operating system image you selected does not contain the necessary drivers for your network adapter. Try selecting a different operating system image. If the problem persists contact your system administrator. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit." My network adapter is Attansic onboard ethernet driver. i will be waiting for your helpfull advises... Thanx...
  2. Hi friends. im new in the forums.first of all i m sorry if i make some mistakes of talking in english.im not a native english speaker. anyway question is about creating WIN XP PRO image to a Win Server 2003 SP2 computer.For this i firstly configured my AD, DNS and DHCP services.After that i installed WDS by using add remove windows components.then i installed winxp pro to a new computer with all the drivers and applications such as antivirus program, office etc... Now finally i have a server and another computer as a client of server DC. All i want to do is creating an image of this client to the server WDS services. I couldnt get any help by microsoft tech net.i cant do it now.all the things are explained for Vista mostly. but in my job my boss want to use Win XP and Server 2003.And he want to use Network installation.i need ur help guys.... thanx for reading...

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