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  1. Here is the 7.3.0 update for the norwegian translation. lang_no.js
  2. Here is an updated version of the norwegian language file "lang_no.js", with the lines you requested. lang_no.js
  3. I have now translated the WPI manual to norwegian. I also changed the lang_no.js a bit more (some lines seemed to be missing ), so I have attached a new version. lang_no.js no.zip
  4. Here is an update of the norwegian language file for version 7.0. EDIT: Removed attachment. See post below for new version.
  5. Try adding the switch "/forceit" (without quotes) to the exe-file in question. It has worked with all the BIOSes I have tried from Dell so far, so I don't see why it shouldn't work with yours. It forces the BIOS to run on systems with no battery and AC adapter attached, but it should not be any danger for you if you have the battery and AC adapter connected
  6. Just integrating the SP3 on a original SP2 source through nLite makes the winnt32.exe install fail. Nothing removed, nothing tweaked, nothing else... just plain integration. This is on a Norwegian XP source. I haven't tried with an English source. Integrating by using Microsofts methods will make the winnt32.exe install work, but once I use nLite to change ANYTHING after the integration, it fails again. Normal installation through CD works, but not winnt32.exe.
  7. Would like to inform you that version 4.1.2 created some kind of bug that made the driverinstallation fail on any norwegian XP version (english worked). Version 4.0 works on the norwegian version without any problems. The problem must be in the driver-install phase, since the extraction of the driver-files work fine, but I'm not sure if driverpack can find the drivers after extraction. This is the .ini I use with Driverforge 4.0: [AutoInstall] UnAttended=Y AutoCheck7zLoc=Y DeleteUncompressedDrivers=Y RestartMachine=N ShowDevMgr=N VerySilent=N Sleep_at_Start=1 [Driver] 7zRoot=N 7zRootLoc= DriverRoot=N DriverRootLoc= Use_System_Root_INF=Y 7zLoc=C:\Diverse\Drivere\Drivere DriverExtract=C:\Diverse\Drivere\Ukomprimert [Misc] CheckForWizardTitle=Veiviser for funnet maskinvare Delete_Existing_Driver_Log=Y The only difference I could see from 4.0 -> 4.1.2 is that the line "Use_System_Root_INF=Y" was removed. Could you check the changes between those two versions to see if anything you did could have cause this bug? Any suggestions?
  8. I took the time needed to update the norwegian language to 6.5.1 (all entries), since the old one only had the minimal amount of entries (only the main menu). I might update the manual too if I get enough free time to do so. *work work* Btw, could you add some way to translate the icons in the Vista theme? You could make a language specified folder like for the manuals, so that icons in the "language chosen"-folder takes priority over the default english folder. And... IF you add a language folder or variable for the Vista icons, could you make the icons since I have no idea what fonts and effects you use? The translations for the text on the icons in norwegian would be: "Install" = "Installer" "Options" = "Innstillinger" "Config" = "Konfigurasjon" "Manual" = "Manual" "About" = "Om" "Exit" = "Avslutt" Great program! Keep ut the good work lang_no.js
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