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    Hi guys, Thanks for all the support. I finally figured out the problem. Well i think it's the following: a service called aswlsvc.exe it's installed when one installs the cdrom that comes with ASUS WLAN. Disabling the service doesn't work. Every instance has to be removed from the registry manually exept for the legacy keys referring to the service. As you know: one can't delete legacy keys (there's ways around that but pretty dangerous i guess) What the service does is unclear but it's installed automatically. So the best way to install the drivers for the WLAN is just not autorun the CD but let Vista look for the drivers then only the drivers are installed and not that weird service. And that fixed the problem. Maybe it's some kind of interaction at boot between the hardware blue tooth device and software... i don't really know. The only thing i know is that i did what i did and there's no more blue screens.
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    Btw, are these tests compatible with Vista?
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    I don't think it's Trend Micro. The PC came standard with Norton IS and it happened then already, so before installing TM. (I have a TM license from my employer, that's why i'm using it) Anyway, let me try those tests you suggest and see. The CPU was changed today but the problem is still there. Not much is left now except the power supply unit. What i'm gonne do is uninstall my wireless router + it's drivers (ASUS brand). In the system event log i often see an error concerning ASWLSVC (.exe). When i look it up, it seems to be ASUS wireless LAN related. Bluescreens certainly also saw that in the logs i send him/her over. If all of that fails, the IBM guys are gone give me a temporay PC replacement and take my machine for extensive testing... So i hope if they do find the problem that's causing this, that they will share it with me so i can share it with you guys.
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    Open up the system event log, text version from that .cab file (use winrar to explode it) and do a find for memory.dmp. You have what, 8 I think, dumps in the past 7 days. That's a disaster. And they're all (or almost all) different. To me this is a hardware problem. If you'd mailed all the other minidumps I could be more sure, but that looks like a hardware issue. I saved alle the minidumps. I'll send them over. The date they happened is infront of the filename. 8 dumps, well, it's just like i told you. Starting up with a cold boot gives the problem. So that's about 8 days ago the problem started. According to the MS reply after reporting the problem it's most likely the following: - CPU - Power Supply - Memory - System board (To be sure we need more info..) ... so basically, what Bill & Co are saying is: we don't know, replace everything .... :)
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    Okie Bluescreens. Done. Although Vista wasn't very happy when i ran the .exe file. After installing Vista wanted me to re-install with "recommended settings" (you know, the 3 options window that appears in Vista when user control is running). Maybe because on the Microsoft site it's not mentioned it's compatible with Vista, only XP and lower. But it worked anyway. Sending everything to you after this. I have been looking at those minidump files myself a few days ago with WinDbg but it says nothing much to me. Anyway, already thanks for your help and support.
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    I'm running VISTA Home Premium on a new PC (IBM ThinkCentre A55, Duo 2 Core, 2GB RAM) and i have the following problem: After starting up the PC (cold boot) it's running for about 3 to 5 minutes and then the blue screen pops up. This doesn't happen randomly though it's only after a cold boot and after about 3 to 5 minutes. After restart (hot boot) everything is fine. As long as i don't turn off the PC there are no errors anymore. Most of the time it's the following error code: (see screen shot) Following actions have already been taken but no solution yet: Hardware: - changed the motherboard - checked and changed the harddrive - checked and changed the RAM - upgraded the BIOS - installed latest drivers for all hardware components (Upgrade driver function) - booting without ASUS wireless USB device (used to connect to my router) (fyi, the video card is embedded in the motherboard) Software: - I've also read that the anti-virus product could be a problem. So i disabled Trend Mirco (also in "Control Panel -> Services") What's left is: - changing the CPU. But CPU failure is very rare (so i'm told) - using the computer to throw at the next IBM tech guy that comes thought the door .... .. unless any of you has any other idea's.

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