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  1. @gosh Beg, borrow and steal... but never reveal your source. (Unless your busted. ) Heh, heh.
  2. Slightly off topic. Does anyone know of a script or reg tweak that would allow me to flush/delete the System Restore store? Before making an image, I want to delete all System Restore points (or all but the most recent) . I'd like to call this from a batch file. Thanks to all for posting your great tweaks. SOLUTION FOUND: A script that does this can be found here: http://board.msfn.org/index.php?showtopic=8987
  3. Newbie help needed: Can someone summarize the changes that need to be made to be able to run an installation from a hard drive? (What I want to do: Boot via Bart's PE... which gives me access to a firewire-attached hard drive. From that HD, start XP install.) Thanks!
  4. *MOVE AND RESIZE PAGEFILE* CACHESET.CMD Please see updated post at: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=144644
  5. Nuhi, your pace for developing and improving this code is awesome. If you worked at Microsoft, we'd be tweaking Longhorn, not waiting for WinXP SP2! Thanks for the great work. Tested with my custom English install... flawless. Tested with an XPCREATED Russian install... also flawless (if I don't touch any language settings.) Just incredible!
  6. I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I can't get rid of the error message. Is it because I'm trying to start it from the within XP? I have my Windows install directory on drive D:, and I'm trying to run the unattended setup after Windows XP has booted. Would that give such an error message? -Mike
  7. I know I must be missing something obvious. I want to run an unattended install from my hard drive. From the command line, I type: "d:\winsetup\i386\winnt32.exe" /unattend:d:\winsetup\i386\winnt.sif /s:d:\winsetup\i386 But I keep getting the error message: "The specified Setup script file (d:\winsetup\i386\winnt.sif) is inaccessible or invalid. Contact your system administrator." Here's what winnt.sif looks like: Anyone know what the problem is?Thanks! -Mike
  8. Yes, Nero installs silently. But when I immediately try a silent install of InCD afterwords, I get a "no valid serial number" error. Nero must be run first and serial number entered. THEN InCD can be installed. Anyway around that?!

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