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    nLite and executables

    If you want to create a slipstrem XP-SP2 CD, how would you include DirectX 9.0c (which is an exe file) in nLite? What about the chipset exe file you want to include to run under XP?
  2. There's only one user: me. Don't you think it's a userinit problem?
  3. I have an xp-sp2/W2k-sp4 dual boot system which has been working for years. Now, when I boot into w2k, it first starts out normally. Then, it hangs for a few seconds on "Opening a User Session" (I use no password and it usually whizzes through this part) and then it goes on until it reaches "Recording your parameters". At that point, it starts looping with "Loading your personal parameters" indefinitely. I keep on getting the w2k jingle. I loaded a previously saved partition in its location and the same problem occurs. I shifted the partition on the disk in case some sectors were defective. No change. From XP, I ran a chkdsk /R on the w2k partition. No improvement. Exactly the same loop occurs at the same spot when I boot into Safe Mode. Something must have gone wrong in the user parameter area. Please note I can access all w2k files through my xp on the same pc.
  4. I used Acronis Disk Director to create the partition. This was done under Vista. Maybe I should use the Acronis Boot Loader and create the partition from this "neutral" environment. What should I use EasyBCD for in this situation?
  5. I had no problem at all installing XP alongside a pre-installed Vista on my HP nc6320 laptop. I used EasyBCD successfully. On the other hand, I get stuck right from the start, when I try to do the same thing on a Dell Inspiron 6400. When I reach the point where XP installer asks where the XP partition should be located and I select an unallocated area (same problem appears even if I create and format an empty partition beforehand and select it), I get the following error message : “To install Windows XP on the selected partition, installation program must copy certain boot files on Disk 0 with ID 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]. However, this disk does not contain a partition compatible with Windows XP”. I don’t know whether this has to do with the SATA disk. On the HP, I disabled SATA Native Support in the BIOS and everything went fine. In the Dell Bios, I found no equivalent option. How can I create a “compatible partition” ?