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  1. I found the administration guide for the f-secure client security 7, which includes guide to modify prodsett.ini file. According to that, setting SetupMode to 1 at F-secure Common section installs f-secure as a centrally managed client, while setting the value to 2 makes it as a locally managed client. After setting SetupMode to 1, you can change the settings at the [PMSUINST.DLL] section and [FSMAINST.DLL] section to point it to the server that holds the admin.key and the address of the server that is running the Policy manager. Also, you can change which components to install by editing the InstallMode value to either 0 or 1. Here is the link for the guide since it's too big for the attachment: http://www.f-secure.com/export/system/fsga...inguide_eng.pdf
  2. Are these process assume that you want a locally managed standalone install? Is it different when you want a Centrally managed installation? I assume that I need to use the admin.pub file from a f-secure policy manager server instead of manually extracting from a installed directory. Also, how would you do if you want to install only certain components? I only want to install Anti-virus & Anti-spyware scanner and E-mail scan components and nothing else.

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