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  1. Is it possible? And should I slipstream it after slipstreaming SP3? Thanks for helpers
  2. First, I have the following system: AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Gigabyte MA61SME-S2 Kingston DDR2 667Mhz CL5 Western Digital WD1600AAJS I have a few questions: 1. first, would I have to use the F6 during XP installation? If yes give me instructions without using nLite because the problem is that I have no floppy drive. Those are my files for SATA Drivers: Disk1 IDECOI.DLL NVATABUS.SYS NVRAID.CAT NVRAID.INF NVRAID.SYS NVRAIDCO.DLL TXTSETUP.OEM 2. Second, I have a CD with SP2 integrated, can I integrate SP3 over it? 3. Third, How can integrate WMP11 and IE7 by using nLite? If yes, Should I first integrate SP3 and then integrate them? and one more qusetion: can I use both nLite and unattended? because I used nLite Before Thanks for the helpers
  3. I'm trying to integrate my RAID driver. Well I have the following driver files: sisraid.cat sisraid.sys property.dll sisraid.inf Please help me integrate the drivers above. Note that I've tried integrating by "Integrate Drivers" in nLite,but it failed... Note: I've read the SATA/RAID Drivers integrating guide but don't suggest me them, because I'm not use the files mentioned there and thanks for any helper edit: at the end, should I only compress the sys file (in my case - SISRAID.SYS)?
  4. You're using deskjet right? If you do, HP didn't give drivers for windows vista but it has given introduction in the following link (well i guess you use deskjet) If you don't this link may help you

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