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  1. picoloco

    W7 - Impossible restart

    Thanks, That's what I did and reinstalled from cmd the W7 disk because it didn't want to find a restoring point or any possibility of repair. I succeed to run setup from the disk and make a new copy. I had to forget on my files in C:.
  2. picoloco

    W7 - Impossible restart

    Hello, My computer is an ASUS G51 with W7 Integral. I got a serious issue: AVAST was bugging (ring song permanent) and I removed it. Then I restart the computer to achieve the removal. The computer proposed me to restart with two option only : the repair search or normally. First, I start with normally but a blue print appeared to explain that something change and stop. Back to square 1... So, I restart and chose the repair : W7 didn't find any error and stop. back to square 1... Every time, I restart I got the same screen : repair or normal and the same story occurs. Therefore, I can't open it. Is there any possibility to open and by-pass this screen or found the screen with restart in degraded mode ? Thanks for your help..
  3. picoloco

    Freezed Pointer

    The track-pad is correctly opened and the drivers are ok (ASUS fast keys). The pads lights up when correctly on. I can put it off (with the Asus key). When I open the PC with the mouse (pad lights up), the pad immediately backs on. So, something is off at the begining when the USERS panel choice is on. But I don't know what create this bug. When opened with the mouse, the pad tracking software doesn't give me any info about a special key to start. Regards
  4. picoloco

    Freezed Pointer

    Hi,Foxs Recently I forgot my mouse and tried to start on W7. But the pointer with the pad is freezed. I've been everywhere possible and didn't find a correct answer on this issue. I got a ASUS Gamer portable with W7 Ultimate. So, after entry with the mouse, the pointer (syncpad) is now free for use. So, what is the magic solution to get the pad working at the entry W7 panel with several users ? I tried to fix lot of the parameters but still locked at start. regards
  5. Hi, Gents Did anybody have mail blocked in the outboard (indesirable mail) and impossible to remove it. In XP we had acces to doc and settings where we could remove whatever we wanted. My friend is on Vista and we can't have access to docs and settings to remove whatsover...what we want to remove!!! Is there any possibility to access the VISTA hiden files ? Best regards to who could give me the way....
  6. picoloco

    VISTA and AVAST lats update

    I got the answer from AVAST forum. First : desinstall corectly and completely the NORTON free version with the removal NoRTON tool kit (download on their site) Second : desinstall idem the AVAST version which created the issue. Third : reboot and reinstall the last version of AVAST. Somepeople did it and it works.
  7. picoloco

    VISTA and AVAST lats update

    Hi, everybody! is there somebody getting the same problem? I'm in VISTA premium on a ASUS 7A notebook and installed AVAST one month ago : No problem. Since 2 days now, AVAST installed an update and never succed to reboot. I'd to remove it to boot. I did 10 times removing other like spybot but nothing every time now I reisntall AVAST I can't reboot (black screen) even living it during 1 hour. No change. I'm really off. Any suggestion please.