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  1. hi, my problem is the boot drive loads up as H: or so instead of C: (with card reader drives c:, d: etc), irrespective of whether or not this matters i need it to be C: I'd like to know who has experienced this problem and solved it without unplugging/disabling their card readers or other and how they fixed it or if you haven't and would like to help the boot drive needs to be forced as C: somehow, or if not the boot drive than the card readers forced as other drive letters maybe, I'm not sure exactly when this is set in stone or when it can be changed. the idea is that I can forget to disable/remove the card readers since I install XP on alot of PCs with them, though I don't have alot of resources to test things with really maybe its even possible to just remove the mass storage text drivers for card readers only or something before XP's partition manager creation, though that depends where, when and why this actually happens. anyways, thanks for any and all replies.

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