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  1. Hi Guys, I was a little confused from reading the forums able the steps that I need to take to setup a pre-activation image from ghost. What I was trying to do was setup a standard image of ghost for OEM machines which are all the same type, HPs. Each HP machine has its own OEM license and does have 2 recovery cds.. One for the xp install and the other for HP restoration process. So here are my steps... Step up a working machine. I created the 5 files from Bezalel's I copied over the OEMBIOS.BI_, OEMBIOS.CA_, OEMBIOS.DA_, OEMBIOS.SI_ and winnt.sif into the c:\1386 folder of the image with the current key on the machine. Ran Sysprep, leaving the license key empty. After, the system came up, It still ask to reactivate windows and requires me to phone Microsoft. From looking through the winnt.sif, the product key is different from the OEM sticker on the machine. So, I tried to run JellyBean to change the windows license key but it would not change the key. It stated that it was an invalid key. -- Also, I notice that every time sysprep is run, and the image is copied over to another machine. This key will be invalid on the OEM sticker. I will need to call into microsoft to active the machine. ----- Does anyone know which steps that I may be missing. ...? Or what I am doing wrong...