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  1. Ok so I'm trying to do a slipstreamed install and I'm getting the same error msg about "integrated install failed" What the heck is wrong? I have tried through the command prompt and nlite with sp1a and sp2...
  2. So as far as anybody knows, nobody knows where in the source, directories and file structures and defined and created? Hmmm...has to be somewhere...
  3. To a point it does. But I haven't gone the route of making $OEM$ directory, and I don't want to make one now. What I'm asking for, is in the source, I just need to know where. No sense in adding stuff to remove stuff, when I could just remove it from the source. Thanx Anyways.
  4. OK. I've gotten my Unattended XP Distro pretty much how I want it. But how do I go about removing certain directories? i.e., I've removed movie maker, but it still creates a directory under Program Files. Where would I go to keep that from happening in the source files? Any Ideas? Thanx in advance!
  5. When the CD first boots, and you are dropped into that blue and grey Dos enviroment, up at the top, is says, Windows XP Professional Setup. Is it possible to change that? Thanx
  6. Ok I'm not sure what was going on, but now its working. I've only got once instance of bootfix and its in the boot directory. It works fine now. Really strange. Thanx again for your help guys.
  7. Well I read over this, and I understand it all, but one question. What file types/files are needed to do this? For instance, I want to integrate nVidias display drives. There is a buttload of stuff I know wont been needed. But what will? Just dll, sys, inf, cat files? Hope somebody knows what I mean.
  8. I've got the system to boot from CD then Hard Drive. This way, I have full automation. User boots CD, formats, and walks away. System reboots, waits for user to press a key, then boots from Hard Drive, and finishes installation. Also, I'm not using a Boot menu, but even then it could be made to timeout like the CD, and just boot first Hard Drive. Any suggestions? edit: nope, I hexed it, and there is nothing about "setupldr.binbootfix.binI386" mentiond anywhere in the file. I'm using Hex Workshop BTW
  9. I did post about this last week, but didn't get much respone, so I thought I'd try again. I've folowed Gosh's method, and thus have a BOOT directory, and a I386 directory. Now eveything works great but when I boot the cd, It never asks if you want to boot from it, it just does it, instead of delaying, then booting from the hard drive. In the previous post, I copied bootfix.bin from the I386 dir, to the BOOT dir. It still automaticly boots the CD, but it shoudn't. Also, my CD is sp1a integrated. Don't know if this makes any differance.
  10. Cool, Thanx I'll give that a try. And sorry bout the Corp questions, I wasn't 100% sure if I was asking anything illegal. :/ Thanx again. edit: It didn't work, the bootfix.bin wasn't in the i386 directory, so I copied it from my original cd, and put it in the boot directory, but all it does, is give me prompt saying expecting computers hardware. Not press any key to boot from cd. Any ideas?
  11. I've got a few questions about my unateneded cd. Hopefully you guys may be able to answer then. How do I make the cd ask me if I want to boot from it? I followed gosh's guide so I have a BOOT directory, but the cd always boots, so it would go into a endless loop without user intervention. Do I need a differant boot image? How can I find out if my product id is a Corp. PID? Would it contain a specific string of numbers? I don't suppose I can/should post it here. What are these mysterious Corp Files I've heard about, various places on the internet? Is it possible to integrate them, making my cop
  12. Thanx XtremeMAC! I created a custom services reg file on BlackVipers site, and tested it. XP starts up with 11 processes, and only uses 40 megs of memory! OMG 40 megs! : Thanx again guys!
  13. Ok, I know how to enable, disable servies and such, but how do I find out wich ones use svchost? edit: Is it path to executable? I'm thinking so.
  14. Well I've followed gosh's guide, and done some other tweaks and slimmed my iso down to 198 megs, using 14 processes and 50 megs of memory when running. But there are four copies of svchost running, some using more memory than the others. My question is this: What is svchost, and can I safely remov it. If so, how? TIA
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