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  1. So go there and post if thats the problem.Although to search for driver updates go to windows update settings and check the box under recommended updates. No, I am not sure you understand me here. Nor am I sure I understand you exactly! In all cases, the box you suggest be checked is checked, which is the default. You say "go there and post if thats the problem" (sic) but where is "there?" Sorry for the confusion. See the other answer from cluberti. He/she seems to have grasped my meaning better. I apologize for my poor explanation, but I am not in the best of shape right now, and just writing these posts is about all I can accomplish in a day.
  2. This may be the case. There are issues in XP regarding slipstreaming that are actually features, not bugs. Perhaps Microsoft thought that if one slipstreams updates, then one must also include drivers. In my case, this is NOT desirable behavior, but it might be simply the way God (alias Microsoft) intended it. I seriously doubt 7Customizer is at fault here, just like nLite was not at fault for the "bugs" in XP's slipstreaming process. I have health, and other issues which prevent me from spending as much time on this as I would like, so the actual purpose of this question was to tap into others' experience. So if there is a way for anyone else, who has more resource than I, to test this, I would appreciate the help. Also, since I did not get lots of definitive answers, AND because Win7 is so new, I suspect that this information would be useful to everyone else. Thanks for your answer, which is so far, the best I have received. I will try to test this myself, but it will take time because I only have a couple of hours a day that I am well enough to work.
  3. So far, I have observed (perhaps incorrectly) that if I slipstream Microsoft's critical updates into Win7 x64, the resulting install won't search for and install device drivers in Windows Update. Am I correct? And if so, is there a fix? This driver update feature is really useful and time saving, and I would hate to lose it, altough, not having to install the updates saves much time! (P. S. I really like 7customizer, please keep up the good work).
  4. Feature request

    nLite is great. If I could request only one thing it would be that OEM Preinstall should default to OFF.
  5. After making an install of Windows XP Pro X86, the time zone updates, neither the obsolete KB942763, nor the new KB951072 works if slipstreamed. If either is slipstreamed, it gives an error, and will not install, if applied after Windows installation, but the time zones remain as in the original Windows version. If NOT slipstreamed, the update works properly if run after Windows installation. The other update, KB923789, is required by Windows Update after install, even though it should be included in SP3. This seems like two issues. I am using the newest nLite 1.4.8. Does anyone else experience this? All else is fine with nLite.
  6. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Attention Fernando 1: In regards to nLite's ability to change unattended setup options (by I386\winnt.sif), there might be a way to change these, yet still allow users to use the F6/floppy option to install RAID or SCSI drivers!! I just spent an hour studying unattended installations. A good reference of the winnt.sif file appears here http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/19/ I have never thought I needed this feature, but apparently, I do! I have not tested this, but it seems one could change nLite's default setting of the Oempreinstall variable from "Yes" (which prevents the F6/floppy driver install) to "No" which should allow it. (In the I386\winnt.sif file). nLite MAY HAVE A BUG HERE ACTUALLY (I could be wrong, however). The Oempreinstall option is supposedly to support automatic copying of files from directories called the "$OEM$ Distribution Folders" to the final installation, regardless of where it is on the target system. If these are not used (nLite does not seem to allow their inclusion or modification) this option can probably be turned off. I have not tested this (I will try to and post my results), but perhaps nLite should just set this option to "No." Unless the option does something else, I think that will allow a CD Key, and other unattended options, to be integrated into the install and still allow RAID/SCSI drivers to be installed in Windows textmode using F6.
  7. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks Fernando 1. You may have saved my job, and my sanity too! I lost an entire weekend at home on my own time to this problem. My problem: "SUMMARY: F6 AND FLOPPY INSTALL OF nVIDIA RAID DRIVERS NO LONGER WORKS ON AN nLITE PROCESSED WINXP PRO X86 VLK CD." Your simple solution: "You have 2 options to solve the problem: 1. Create a new nLited CD without implementing the CD key. 2. Create a new nLited CD with integrated nForce SataRaid drivers." Physically controlling the CD will just have to do, concerning the security of our Volume License Key! Saving the time of having to install SP2 and all the updates every time I do a re-install of Windows will make me look much better in the eyes of my (id***) boss. Now I will be able to do two or three a day instead of one. Thanks again!
  8. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I apologize for posting yet another message on this huge thread, but I seem to be having a different problem related to nVidia chipsets and nLite. SUMMARY: F6 AND FLOPPY INSTALL OF nVIDIA RAID DRIVERS NO LONGER WORKS ON AN nLITE PROCESSED WINXP PRO X86 VLK CD. DETAILS: I need to make a universal install disk for all the machines in my company that I can keep in my possession (or that of my assistant) to install/reinstall Windows XP Pro X86 VLK to all our diverse machines, and any new ones which might be bought by the lunatics in purchasing. I wish to prevent people copying this disk to (hopefully) prevent them from stealing our very expensive Volume License. (I hope they don't know the easy method of finding this!) So far, on machines with nVidia nForce chipsets and a bootable RAID array I have observed the following problem which seems different from other people's experiences: I can EASILY install WinXP Pro X86 VLK to nVidia RAID volumes with the original SP0 disk, the F6 thingy, and a floppy with the drivers on it. I can use old or new drivers, and have had no problems. When I use nLite to ONLY slipstream SP2, the 120 odd post-SP2 updates, and our precious CD key into the installation, the F6/floppy procedure fails as follows: Windows install can easily recoginze, format, and copy a few folders onto the new nVidia RAID volume, but when it tries to read the files from the floppy the SECOND time (after saying "Making a list of the files to be copied...") it cannot read nvraid.sys (or whatever the first file in the list is) from the floppy. I have not had time to see if slipstreaming the nVidia drivers onto the disk solves this, nor have I been able to verify if this problem happens when trying to install, say Intel or VIA RAID drivers. We have all of these here!! Is this a separate or new problem from the one in this thread? Does anyone else know about this? Does anyone have a solution (other than the horrible time wasting solution of not using nLite or slipstreaming?) Is this a problem with Windows or nLite? I have tried every version of the nVidia drivers out there, with the same result. Thanks!