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  1. A friend of mine helped me improve my WPI (v6.5) by adding the following: I'd love to see these features included in the source of future releases. Code follows below. 1. Added GetFirewallProduct() and GetAntivirusProduct() methods. (registry_dos.js) 2. Fixed the code for getting the optical drive letter in defaultWPI(). Now defaults to using WMI, and reverts to the old way if WMI is not present. (core.js) 3. Modified getOSver() to use WMI, and to cache the result since this function is called VERY often. (registry_dos.js, globals.js) 4. Cached the result of getSPver() as well. (registry_d
  2. An error & solution from two friends of mine using a WPI install I put together. 1) When you first start the WPI (click start install), it fires this error message about not have permission to write to "c:\rb_config.js", but still starts and runs. 2) When the computer restarts mid WPI install, the WPI does not restart upon restart, as it does and should on XP. When you go and manually restart the program, it asks if you want to resume, but when you do, it gives this error "undefined; C:\rb_config.js; undefined" and then you have to restart the WPI from scratch. In globals.js Find the s
  3. I think I may have fixed the problem. One of my early program entries started with cmd2, going cmd2 - cmd4. Using a text editor I manually changed it to go cmd1 - cmd3, reordered the programs according to install order and now it seems to be working. Weird Ed
  4. I took a config.js file under WPI 5.4 started using it under 6.0 and now under 6.1 The file works but many time when I open WPI cmd entires that weren't originally there under 6.0 there get created or recreated. I've removed them both from within WPI & manually with a text editor and they seem to reappear without reason. I've manually edited config.js to reorder entries under 5.4, 6.0 & 6.1 and hadn't seen the problem prior to 6.1. When I click on the select file button on the right hand side of command #7 I get a javaScript error Report saying Message: 'document.getElementByI
  5. Just a note for anyone needing the getOSlang() command you will need to manually add the following to core.js courtesy zorphnog function getOSlang() { position="core.js"; whatfunc="getOSlang()"; return oslang; } Once again, thanks to Kel et al for their hard work. Ed
  6. I'm having an error similar to parkerkane but mine does it on every reboot, whether the application calls the reboot itself (e.g. XP SP2) or when I call it through WPI using the %reboot% command, with or without time. In %reboot% query, it was suggested changing the %reboot% times to be shorter or 0, I tried that with no luck. I had this problem under WPI 5.6 and now also under 6 as well. I am running as Administrator. My config.js is attached. I'm getting this on a "brand new" clean XP Pro SP1 install I created just to check that SP2 would install correctly and on an XP Pro SP2 patched up
  7. @zorphnog Thanks, I did a global find on all the js files and didn't find a reference to getOSlang() and initially just figured it was cause I don't know jack about js. I added the code you provided to core.js and it worked great. Thanks a bunch! Still wrestling with reboot issues but that's a subject for a different post. Also thanks for the more elegant code. Ed
  8. I want to create a condition to install XP SP2 on only English language machines. I also want to ensure that if someday Microsoft were to release an XP SP3 that this script wouldn't allow the user to try & install SP2 over it if it has been already installed. It would hopefully fail anyway before it went very far by why give the user a chance to waste their time &/or do something stupid. In List of return values for getOSlang() Kelsenellenelvian showed me where to find the list of return values for the getOSlang() (Thank you Kelsenellenelvian) (see %wpipath%\WPIScripts\core.js
  9. Sure looks like you did. And all the ones I needed. Thanks a bunch, especially for the quick reply. Ed
  10. Can anyone give me a list of valid return values for the condition getOSlang()? Microsoft lists the ones they use here List of Locale ID (LCID) Values as Assigned by Microsoft but I wasn't sure if this is the convention used by WPI or not. Any help greatly appreciated, I did a search and didn't find this in the manual or on the forum. Thanks Ed
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