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  1. I kind of like Pgase's Vista Luna Basic, myself, especially the subdued colors to indicate a window wants your attention. Only thing I don't like about it is losing the logon photo in the start menu. Hmmm... I take back what I said about losing the logon photo with Vista Luna Basic. Seems he made a version with the user name and logon photo in the start menu. Gone back to XPize Darkside and Vista Luna Basic here.
  2. Ah, thank you for that last update to Vistalune Basic, Pgase! Going from the screenshot, it looks like you you changed the one thing I didn't like about your theme, that being losing the user name and user picture in the Start Menu. Are there any other changes, btw (I'll probably kick myself if I download it and find a changelog with this question answered for me already )?
  3. Hey, if you do change the orange to black in the Zune theme, don't forget to change the name of it so you don't overwrite the original (or if someone later installs the original and overwrites yours). Perhaps Zune Darkside?
  4. I kind of like Pgase's Vista Luna Basic, myself, especially the subdued colors to indicate a window wants your attention. Only thing I don't like about it is losing the logon photo in the start menu.
  5. Thinking about it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was not changed in the legacy "Logoff" and "Computer Locked" dialogs. Same graphic, I believe. Can't check now, "typing" on my phone at work.
  6. Ah, that explains it! If you could, a darker Media Center logon would be appreciated. It just looks out of place. Wait... you said logoff... typo, or not? I didn't notice the logoff.
  7. Hmmm, appears I do have a problem on mine... The graphics in the dialog box on my old-style login are not xpized. As I said, it is with XP Media Center 2005 on a Dual-Core system, so don't know which would be the culprit (is a different logon program used for dual-core?).
  8. Aha! You've been holding out on us! Actually taking time to have a life when you could be spending every waking moment bringing us the next Darkside! Well, I suppose we could forgo the flogging this time. BTW, there was one other thing besides the boot screen... the missing forward and back arrows in the device manager. I'd seen it posted somewhere, but can't seem to find the thread now. Oh, and I wasn't sure if the login dialog (Ctrl-Alt-Del style) was supposed to be dark or not... it's still blue on mine (XP MC 2005, dual core).
  9. Hey, Zedox, wondering if we can expect to see another release anytime soon... Or are you waiting on the C# version of XPize that Xpero will eventually do, and redo Darkside with that? Or did that pesky thing called life rear it's head on you?
  10. You would be right. Core 2 Duo T2050. Also Windows XP Media Center 2005, btw.
  11. Nope, definitely the blue bar going across instead of the grey. I've tried both the reloader, and uninstalling/reinstalling, still get the original bootscreen.
  12. I forgot to mention that... couldn't get the boot screen to show up on this one either (had the same problem with the previous version).
  13. That fixed it! I should have thought to try it out in IE (I only use it for sites that don't work in Firefox). BTW, verified working in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11, and Opera 9.21 Build 8776.
  14. Works fine for me... For those interested I knocked up a quick "official" site for xpize darkside here... http://www.zedox.co.uk/xpizedarkside I'm afraid he's right... Home, About, Screenshots, Downloads and Contact all work, but History (including the direct link you posted) gives a "Page not found" message, with an option to return to the homepage. BTW, it says to email webmaster@this.domain; I doubt if this will reach the right person.
  15. As you already read directly from the source, that is not true with this version. Just so you know that the person that posted that it was necessary was not full of it though, it WAS true with the Darkside 1.0 Beta releases.
  16. I have, on both my systems. Tried a reload, and still no go.
  17. I'd like to add my vote for adding these in to the next release, and KEEPING the folder icons yellow. I never did like how REAL folders and "compressed folders" (excuse me, they are FILES, guys!) looked so much alike. I can see how this would make them stand out more. Edit: Just had a thought... don't know how difficult this would be, but perhaps an option (along with command-line switch) could be added to select the yellow or dark for these? Wouldn't do much good for those slipstreaming with nLite or AutoImage, though.

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