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  1. I get this error using my unattended XP installation, I think it only gives me this error when I install to a Dell, compaq, gateway, etc. forum search did not help me, anyone else get this error, besides this error, my unattended install is perfect I receive the error every time the pc boots, after the error it is welcome screen and allows you to login, to get rid of the error I have been using the "control userpasswords2" command to reset the auto login settings manually, after I do this manually then I get no errors anyone seen this error before? it did not show up on my previous unattended discs I have created. somthing to do with the update pack or maybe some of the reg tweaks I have made, it is a strange problem though, if no one has an answer for me here I will have to spend hours trying one thing at a time until I find what causes this error

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