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  1. @dcatcher: I only tried x64 with imagex under Windows 7, I could include an ownership of the files if it is just winsxs try adding the following just after mount of image under cleanup:

    takeown /f "%mount%\Windows\winsxs\Manifests\*" >nul
    takeown /f "%mount%\Windows\winsxs\%cb%_*" /r >nul
    icacls "%mount%\Windows\winsxs\Manifests\*" /grant Administrators:F /q >nul
    icacls "%mount%\Windows\winsxs\%cb%_*" /grant Administrators:F /q /t >nul

    with this solution I've got another error list.


  2. Jeronimo

    Now I have instal.wim within UltimateN 7600.16385 x86. It has the one and only index 1. Please, give a guide, how to remove most of drivers (wireless, ATI\Nvidia graphics ando the) from it with help od you stuff. I want to keep only storage controlers and universal drivers for videoadapters.

  3. BUILD: 6.1.7201.0.090601-1516


    SIZE: 2,499,923,968 bytes

    MD5: 70E48837DD513BA98FE483AFD0746E37

    SHA1: F2BC6FC5861C76C401DF6DA7137962C727ED938D

    CRC: 102CCA5A

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