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  1. When i try to add theese to Nlites updates and hotfixes nlite seems to crash...every time... i can add some of them but some of them causes nlite crash.... I am running Vista...
  2. UPDATE: Basicly just to clarify. I want the same setup to run but with different winnt.sif files depending on which choice is made. Due to space requirements i can not have more copies of the entire installation.
  3. Hi, I havent found any information for what i wish to do... Maybe ive missed some topic and if so i am sorry but i have searched. I have created a Slipstreamed XP Pro version with all DriverPacks drivers, + WPI inc Softwares (total 3 GB). I wish to have a Multiboot with 3 different types of WinXP basicly my windows XP autojoins a domain and i want it to join different domains per install menu choice. The multiboot i have read how to do. Would force me to put all files (3 GB) in each folder which would not fit on one DVD. Yet its just one little file i wish to be read per multi boot. Any ideas of how to go by... Please help. Thanks

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