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  1. I dont have vista , thats the problem.. I have netgear wireless and if i download service pack 2 it will screw up my wireless and it wont let it function.. that and im on service pack 1 Windows XP home i hope one of you guys know.. possibly i heard it could be my ram i have a ecs board and 915p-a rev 1.1 with 1 stick of (idk brand ) but ddr 256mb 300mhz and a 32mb vid card and wirless pci card its a 3.2 intel pent 4 and has two hardrives 40 and a 60.. it also beeps like 3 or 4 times when its loading up in the bios screen right before the windows xp starts loading .. Id really hope someone could help me or atleast give me steps to walk through this -Andrew
  2. hello i have had a problem with my cmedia 9880 i downloaded it and all it it says "Device doesnt exist or maybe removed by manually, Please plug in device or reboot and try install again" Is there any help?

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