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  1. I only want to change the setting: to show files size when the mouse hovers over the file. Is it possible to edit a settings file somewhere in the install folder created by Nlite ...to avoid going through the process of rebuilding a new install?
  2. Admin delete this...wrong section
  3. Step 1: Install windows and wait for it to go into the reboot loop..then press F8 and select safe mode..then you should be able to login Step 2: Start/Control Panel/System~right click->properties/Advanced/Startup and Recovery~Setttings/Deselect 'Automatically Restart' Step 3: Now restart windows and boot normally to see if this has fixed your loop problem(ie you should have Blue Screen Error)
  4. I added WLM 8.1.0178(the 1 from the addon list on this site) last to my addon list, but when I check the version after install its still 4.7. Is it possible I need to enable RunOnce or something like that? Any ideas?
  5. When the PC reboots, have you changed the bios settings to boot from the HD as opposed to booting the windows disk again
  6. Ok, after further testing: It was blue screening: Bad_Pool_Header, this is similar to another error I was having before: Bad_Pool_Caller. _Caller occurs when I use a working XP SP2 as my source i386 folder(previously created with nlite). If I use a clean i386 folder and then add SP2 and then all the same settings, drivers and patches..then it works!!!! _Header occurs when I use the 'Xp SP2 i386' as my source and then add RVM update pack, drivers etc...If I use the clean i386 folder and then add SP2 then RVM, drivers etc...it works!!!!!! ______ So I have it all working except 'Windows Live Messenger' http://software.drsamraza.com/nLiteAddOns/...s_Live.rar(link from MSFN) It adds ok, but after install when i check my msn version it says V4.7 Also when Nlite was processing IE7 it complained 3-4 times that the file I was replacing was newer than the file I was trying to integrate, I copied the older file anyway..is this something I should be worrying about
  7. Having a few problems adding the updates...Im sorry if this has been asked countles times before I have a working unattended install of XP SP2, when i try to add further patches manually(dragging into Nlite) or using RVMUpdatePack : The Logon box appears for less than 1 second then PC restarts in endless loop No drivers or addons.

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