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  1. relative paths with slipstreaming

    " you need to create and format your D: before launching install. " Yes the main "problem" is that you cant do this without some booting cd from partition software + absolute paths = success I wanted to make it work without the use of some partition software boot cd and with relative paths ( that xp installs the 2 folders on the non - systemroot partition ). But till this day I haven't found anyone who could accomplish this and even wonder if it is technically possible with relative paths.
  2. relative paths with slipstreaming

    Breaking my head here. It concerns a win xp pro installation. I want windows on "C" and the folders "program files" and "documents and settings" have to be on the second partition "D" I can make it work with absolute paths but is it even possible to use relative paths ? The big problem with absolute path is: you start up, boot get into the partition making part of win xp. You make C and D. You click "C" where you want to install windows.... 1 huge flaw here is that "D" does NOT get a NTFS defrag... D does not even exist yet => but I already need it for the xp installation cause I told win xp installation to install both folders on "D" So 2 possible solutions: Or someone can help me with the absolute paths problem so I can somehow make and use C AND D from fresh install boot from cd. or someone got the solution with relative paths, so I dont have this problem anymore with "D" not being usable in the installation. and that xp just takes the partition where windows is NOT installed on and installs on that other partition the 2 folders ( program files and documents and settings that I wanted on a seperate partition ) I hope peeps can understand me a bit , cause my head is exploding Thx a lot in advance
  3. Icons desktop are strange :)

    Thx for the help
  4. I get a colored border behind the letters... wanna get rid of it. I tryed tweak UI to rebuild the icons but it didnt work. I still got it. I made a nlite version of xp pro SP2 placed topic on wrong subforum >< sry wtf.bmp
  5. Workgroup asking

    I didnt fill in anything and the strange thing is I get a message when I random fill something in when xp asked it while it installed. "cant connect to bla bla that workgroup want to skip this ?". Just wanna skip this window. Will that message also appear if I fill in something random in nlite ? placed topic on wrong subforum >< sry