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  1. I get this error when trying to upgrade a vlited non-sp1 ultimate 64 installation. "Windows Installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xC0000005" It will just loop back to this after restart, but I can do setup rollback. I've tried it using a mounted image, and with a burned disc. Any thoughts?
  2. Where do you get hotfixes?

    Is there anywhere I can easily download all of the available hotfixes? I tried the MS site, but could not find any sort of list/section for them...
  3. Most stable & litest build?

    I used vlite awhile ago for my current install of ultimate64. I am considering a reinstall, and am wondering what should be left to play games(steam, crysis) watch videos(klite codec pack) surf, and some light photo editing with CS3? Two small errors/bugs I am experiencing with my current install is that Picasa fails to open google earth for geotaging, and when downloading inside of firefox, the bowser for save location will not let me rename folders(IE hit the new folder button, try to name it, error pops up).
  4. Help finding a component...

    Ok, I love vLite and lite windows runs great. However I have one problem which is bugging me. I use Picasa in conjunction with Google Earth to geotag my flickr photos. Now after two different installs I can still not get it to work with a lite install. Picasa is suppose to be able to open Google Earth and send the photos to it for tagging, but with a lite install nothing happens. It just sits there and no action ever occurs. On a complete install(ultimate64) it works fine. I've been scouring the components to see which one might control this but I have had no luck. The components I leave in are: Ethernet Sound Windows Media Codecs Windows Media Player Remote Desktop Windows Firewall Application Experience ICS Multimedia Class Schedualer Secondary Logon BitLocker Dfrag Game Explorer HTML Engine Any help is Appreciated.
  5. I have the problem with Picasa and google earth, but I also realized that uTorrent won't open a browser now from the internal search bar. I haven't looked in vlite at the all the component descriptions but will when I get a chance...
  6. Picasa & Google Earth error...

    Ok, I use Picasa to geotag my photos via Google Earth. Picasa is suppose to open Google Earth and import the pics into it. But when I choose geotag, nothing happens in my lite Ultimate. However it works fine on another comp with a full Home Premium. So does anyone have an idea of what, if anything, that was removed that could cause something like this?
  7. What is safe to remove, and using it with WPI

    Ok, thanks. One other thing. Im using a version I slimmed down before(accidentally removed Game Explorer) and I am experiencing this weird bug but it might just be a generic vista thing. With Picasa you can export pictures to Google Earth for geotagging, it worked when ever I did it on win2k, but when I try now nothing happens at all. No errors, nothing. Im goin to try it on another comp that just has a full install of Home Premium and see if that works.
  8. Does anyone have suggestions on what should be the MOST I could remove for a simple Gaming/Surf/Video rig? And would vLite work with WPI 6? Thanks